As the founder of Life Mastery Institute, my goal is to provide heart-centered people with the best training possible to help them make the impact and difference they want in the world.

But before I dive in, I feel I should tell you that the truth is, not just new coaches make these mistakes.

Sometimes coaches who have been at it for years are making these exact mistakes, and they just don’t realize it. And so consequently, they aren’t seeing the kind of success they imagined when they started on this career path.

So let’s make sure you know how to avoid these 3 mistakes that new coaches make!

MISTAKE #1 – Not Delivering Transformation to Your Clients

Some coaches have good ideas and advice, but if your coaching doesn’t help your client achieve what they want most (like if they don’t manifest their dream), then they will seek out someone who can truly help them in the long run.

Real results are what coaching clients want and are willing to invest in. They want to have a life they love living, and to achieve the goals they set. And they are hoping that YOUR COACHING will lead them there. This is why at Life Mastery Institute we safeguard your success and provide you with transformational curriculum. It really works!

When you can deliver transformation, and people see results that amaze them, your business will skyrocket. And very often you won’t have to even do any marketing! Because those referrals start pouring in and next thing you know it your schedule is full of happy clients.

You even get invited to speaking engagements as word spreads about how good you are 🙂

MISTAKE #2 – Not Having A Proven Coaching Curriculum

This may sound basic, but it’s actually something to take pretty seriously. This mistake follows on the heels of the first mistake because you want your program to deliver lots of Ah-Ha moments to your clients that enrich their lives.

Change can be difficult for people. They butt up against their own paradigms, and as much as they want what’s on the other side, fear can often get the better of them. A proven program – and here’s the key: delivered over the correct period of time – gives your clients a boat to sail across the river of doubt, worry, and fear to actually reach that further shore where their goals are waiting.

MISTAKE #3 – Charging hourly for your services

This one comes as a surprise to most people. Don’t successful coaches charge hourly or by session?

The answer is no. If you charge hourly, you are stuck trading your time for money. So what happens when you run out of time? There are only so many hours in a day. But if you trade time for money, the only way to make more money is to work more hours.

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, working harder and longer is not a happy life. A happy life is balanced with time off, time to enjoy family, and time for your own personal development.

So how do you create a coaching career where you don’t charge hourly for your services?

Learn more info about Life Mastery Institute and see what it takes to Get Certified as a Life Coach today.

16 Responses to 3 Mistakes That New Coaches Make

  1. Tommy Norman says:

    Mary, you just provided me with exactly what I need to start my coaching business.

    Thank you.

  2. Fegor says:

    Please accept my deepest gratitude for all the good that you provide to all of us.
    Thank you for the insights and key pieces of information that really makes a difference

    Blessings and continue success

  3. Mary, obrigada por mim proporcionar esse encontro com o LIFE MASTERY INSTITUTE!
    Cada vídeo, cada material que tenho acesso,aumentam minhas expectativas para um novo progresso.
    És uma bênção!

  4. Joshua says:

    Thank you Mary. You are always on point.

  5. Darling says:

    Am so glad am part of this team. i really appreciate every inspirational words. it has really transformed me in all areas.
    thank you Mary. God bless you for blessing me.

  6. M. Carter says:

    May God bless you with more love and more joy. Thank you. From future Life Master Teacher.

  7. Ree says:

    Your program sounds absolutely amazing. I wish I found out about prior too. I just completed another ICF training program.

  8. katlynn Kirkwood says:

    I sure love her way of thinking long life goals are wonderful, however at times we as adults think are way is best. I know that as a team anything is possible, for the ones that feel there not good enough you are. Yes there is some people that want this like everyone else. Some are scared and anyone can be a leader or a difference In someone’s life if we as adults or people would think with our hearts and not just our pocket books, I had it sitting on a porch, crying saying. Lord help me get it right. Others don’t want to know me, all they want to do is talk about me, because I am different, I am strong, loving and most of all believe in others because no one had ever believed in me.amen..Thank you Mary

  9. Narwanna says:

    Have a Blessed Friday. Thank you! I Love everything you have shared.

  10. Alice Walker says:

    Mary thank you so much the info was very enlighten, its now wonder you made such success I feel I know you all ready wish I could take this course right now but I have to wait a while. Keep up the
    the good work I know you are making a lot of people happy. Thanks for you wisdom, and knowledge

  11. Bianca says:

    Love And blessings To You, so greatful You exist☺️💖

  12. CP says:

    Awesome message Mary. Thanks again

  13. Lisa Gartman says:

    The business of helping others in the most effective way possible is why I am so looking forward to learning everything I can from you Mary. See you in March!

  14. Joana Fatondji says:

    I love everthing you provide Mary. Be blessed

  15. Lisette Caveny says:

    Here’s my translation:

    Mistake number 1: Not accomplishing your goal

    Mistake number 2: Not buying our program

    Mistake number 3: Charging by the hour. (So what’s the alternative? Correct mistake number 2 and we’ll let you know.)

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