Here’s a recent success story from a new DreamBuilder Coach.

If you’re a new DreamBuilder Coach or are interested in becoming a coach and curious about the kinds of results that are possible for a new coach, you’re about to be inspired!

Cynthia Calvalcanti had just finished her DreamBuilder Coach training, and with her new coaching certification in hand for merely hours, she boarded the plane home.

Well, on that plane she sat next to 2 individuals who showed interest in why she seemed so happy. Cynthia shared that she was a certified DreamBuilder coach. She then used the techniques from the training to explain the dream building process to these folks.

And in just that one-hour flight between Los Angeles and Oakland, she had two paying clients before she landed!

And it gets even better. When Cynthia got home, she set up her first workshop – AND after the workshop she had 40 people enroll in her coaching program at $1,000 a piece!

Within the first four months of receiving her DreamBuilder certification, she earned over $64,000!

Of course, Cynthia’s results aren’t typical. Her success reflected the action she took and how she used the Life Mastery Institute training.

However, like Cynthia and many of our DreamBuilder coaches, you could also be enjoying a thriving coaching business. Because our training gives you the proven scripts for how to enroll clients, as well as the proven business model to keep them enrolled in your coaching programs.

Find out more from one of our enrollment mentors today. Just click the link to schedule an appointment below. There’s no obligation of any kind.

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If you want to stop thinking about your dream, and start LIVING it, the time is now! I look forward to seeing you at our next training.

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