Want to continue growing into your best self and the best life coach you can be this year? This advice from women entrepreneurs is for you!

advice from women entrepreneurs

As the New Year fast approaches, now is a great time to reflect on our strengths as life coaches and empower ourselves to serve others in the coming year.

Believing in ourselves fully is the first key to helping others in their individual journeys to achieving their dreams.

Today, I’d love to share some amazing advice with you that comes from women entrepreneurs from all around the world. Listen closely and take this advice to heart, and these gold nuggets can help you elevate your game both personally and professionally!

So go ahead and watch this short video of women entrepreneurs sharing their gold nuggets of wisdom at a Goldman Sachs-sponsored event called “The 10,000 Women Dinner”… I think you’ll find what they have to share truly helpful:

For the note taking types, here’s a quick summary of the top success strategies shared in this extraordinary video.

SUCCESS STRATEGY #1: Keep Good Company

“Surround yourself with the best people you know. Surround yourself even with people who are better than you… [this way] you’re always learning something in the process. You can never, ever, ever stop learning.”

~Gayle King, Co-Anchor of CBS This Morning

The people in your life to whom you choose to give time and energy will directly influence your mood, mindset and way of being.

Those who operate from a place of positivity, gratitude and compassion will raise your energetic frequency and help you be the best version of yourself, which will translate to you being the best life coach for your clients as possible.

And remember to surround yourself with people who open your mind and facilitate your own growth. Spending meaningful time with other life coaches or other people dedicated to self love and improvement will keep your mind expansive and open to new ways of best serving your life coaching clients!


“Hang in there. Be tough. That doesn’t mean be miserable, it doesn’t mean be aggressive,  but it means really developing the skill to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. ”

~Debora Spar, President, Barnard College

As life coaches we know that one of the most critical keys to success is developing a positive response to setbacks.

When pursuing our greatest dreams, there are often roadblocks, even some failures, but the mindset we bring to these hiccups directly informs our likeliness of achieving what we most desire.

advice from women entrepreneurs new year

SUCCESS STRATEGY #3: Plan for Success

Plan for success. Don’t just worry about failure. I’ve encountered several entrepreneurs who were beginning to be able to market their products, make money, and they were just overwhelmed by how successful they were being.”

~Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Minister of Finance, Republic of Nigeria

Everything is created twice. Before we create tangible success and abundance, we have to visualize and create it in our minds. We have to really believe we are deserving of it and that it will come while taking action to achieve it!

This mindset is one of the greatest that you can adopt yourself and model for your life coaching clients.

Successful people don’t get deterred by challenges or engage in constrictive thinking rooted in all the reasons why their goals can’t be realized. Instead, they boldly ask themselves “What if…” about even the most seemingly impossible ideas and goals, keeping themselves open to all the possibilities the universe has to offer.


“Fake it ‘til you make it. Confidence is so important… you have to really keep up that confidence and make it feel like you’re so optimistic!”

~Tina Brown, Journalist

While of course you’ll never actually “fake” being a life coach, the powerful “fake it ‘til you make it” mindset is one of deeply believing in yourself, even before you may have lots of experience in your field or many great life successes. It’s about being self-assured and brave as you pursue your dreams.

Neurologically, our brains can’t always tell the difference between feeling successful and being successful, so embracing confidence, even before you may feel ready to pursue a goal or face a challenge, will set the stage for real success.

And remember that the more confidence you exude in your work, the more confidence your clients will have in both you and themselves. This is especially important when you’re new to life coaching – always remember the power you have to help others fulfill their dreams!

SUCCESS STRATEGY #5: Pursue Opportunities for Growth

“Never turn down the best training you can get.”

~Melanne Verveer, Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace & Security

When coaching your clients in pursuing their dreams, you are no doubt helping them take action in the process, and often this action often means becoming educated on the subjects surrounding their dreams.

Perhaps this involves reading books, taking a class or attending a webinar ‒ but the key is gaining as much knowledge and insight as necessary to accomplish a goal. The more our minds our open to receiving information, the more opportunities we attract.

The same goes for life coaching! It’s important to pursue and put ourselves in the absolute best training necessary to help others in the process of self actualization, and it’s equally important to continue expanding our minds and resources to best serve others.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing this advice from women entrepreneurs on how to empower yourself and others to succeed in 2018.

Apply just one or two of these gold nuggets to your life and business, and you’re sure to have a much more abundant, fulfilling and fun year… both personally and professionally!

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