Here Are 10 Evocative Questions You Can Ask Your Clients That Will Help Them Generate The Answers They Seek, And Move Toward Their Goals And Dreams

As a life coach, your job is to support your clients in transforming their dreams into reality.

Some clients will come to you with a crystal clear idea of what they’d love to create for themselves. They may want to attract their soulmate or change professions, for example.

Other clients may not be totally clear on their goals and dreams. They may something like, “I’m not sure what I want to create in my life, I just know that I want to have more fun and feel a greater sense of aliveness and fulfillment.”

Whether a client knows exactly what they want, or they don’t, the most powerful way that you can support them is through evocative coaching.

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Evocative coaching is based on the idea that within each one of us, we have all of the answers that we seek.

So rather than telling your clients what to do, evocative coaching is designed to help them look within and bring forth the answers that will move them toward a life they truly love living.

Here are 10 evocative coaching questions you can ask your coaching clients to help them connect with their inner guidance system, so that they can move themselves forward in life.

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EVOCATIVE QUESTION #1: Where are you experiencing longing in your life?

Your client may not actually know the answer to this question right away. But as you chat, they may begin saying things like, “It would be great if…” or “I’d love it if…” and a longing of theirs shows through that you can help them elaborate on.

Make your client aware that this feeling of longing is actually the life force within them seeking to expand and express itself more fully.

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EVOCATIVE QUESTION #2: Where are you experiencing “divine discontent?”

Discontent shows up through statements like, “Oh, I’m so tired of struggling with money,” or “I’m so tired of getting into bed alone each night.”

The reason I call this divine discontent is because these sentiments are really just life speaking to us, saying, “You were meant for more. Don’t settle for a life that’s not what you really want!”

EVOCATIVE QUESTION #3: What activities do you do where you feel like you just go “into the zone,” and you totally lose track of time?

Ask your client to recall when they have felt most alive. What were they doing? Pinpointing these activities is a great way to shine a light on the dreams that are seeking to emerge for them.

EVOCATIVE QUESTION #4: What types of things do other people compliment you for?

Your client may initially answer by saying “Hmmmm I don’t know,” because it can feel humbling or awkward to look at themselves in a celebratory way.

So encourage your client to start paying attention to the praise and positive feedback they get from people. What’s the theme of it? What might it say about what they’re good at? Or what they are truly called to do?

EVOCATIVE QUESTION #5: What would you do if you had unlimited resources?

Like question #4, many clients say that they’ve never really allowed themselves to ask this question. So if they start to protest or blank, just encourage them to entertain the question. It can be very telling about what someone is truly called to when they stop limiting possibilities on account of time and money.


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EVOCATIVE QUESTION #6: What would you try now if you knew you could not fail?

This is a really powerful example of what I call a “dream door opener.”

Encourage your client to actually answer the question by stating, “If I knew that I could not fail I would ___________.” They may surprise themselves with the ideas that spring forth!

EVOCATIVE QUESTION #7: Who is someone that you know, or that you’ve heard of or read about, that you really admire?

There’s tons of amazing personal development blogs out there. Ask your client the questions and let them answer it, and then say, “What are the specific traits? What are the three things you admire about them?”

When they list off the traits of the person they admire, you can say to your client, “Do you know something? You can’t admire traits in someone else that you don’t have inside of you, because otherwise you wouldn’t have noticed them! So there’s some part of you that is already like this and as you admire these traits, feel better about yourself, because you have them in you too.”

EVOCATIVE QUESTION #8: If you knew that this was your last year on the planet, what would you start doing you haven’t been doing? What would you stop doing that you are currently doing?

This is an incredibly powerful question that will immediately help your client discern between what’s really important to them and what really matters, and what’s more peripheral.

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EVOCATIVE QUESTION #9: If you did know the answer, what would it be?

This is a great question for getting a client who feels stuck unstuck.

If a client says, “I don’t know,” to any question you ask, you can gently say,” Okay, but if you did know the answer, what would it be?”

This question is helpful because deep down, we all do know the answers to these questions. When we allow our minds to move into confusion, we block ourselves knowing what we really know inside of us.

EVOCATIVE QUESTION #10: What am I not asking you that you really want me to ask?

Another way to phrase this question to your client is, “What am I not asking you that deep down, you know that if I did ask you, it could really help you?”

By asking this question, you invite your client to share how they would most love to be guided and supported by you.

Evocative coaching helps your client become the architect of their own life

Over the course of your coaching relationship, you can use evocative coaching to help move your client forward and stay on track to their goals.

You can ask your client several of the questions I’ve shared with you here, or laser in on one or two questions that really get at the heart of what they want to transform in their life.

And remember, your clients already have the answers they seek within them. It’s your job as a life coach to help them tap into that inner wisdom and take action to create lives they love living.

By putting the power into their own hands, you’re giving your client the gift of knowing that they’re in control of their lives – and that there’s a power within them that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition.

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