Give An Amazing Business Presentation on Fostering Better Workplace Communication Using Transformational Life Coaching Principles

At Life Mastery Institute, we provide a resource to our life coaches called “accelerator calls,” where twice a week we answer questions and help solve challenges for our coaches to support them in building their businesses.

On one of our recent accelerator calls, a great question came up that many life coaches can probably relate to. The question is:

“I’ve been asked to come speak at a company and give a business presentation on communication. How do I talk to this company about communication in a way that is effective AND that serves my coaching business?”

Let me share with you what I shared with that coach, so that if you find yourself preparing a talk for a business, you’ll how how to structure your talk for maximum impact both for your audience and for your own coaching business.

Select the right life coaching material to incorporate into your presentation

Once you’ve accepted the opportunity to give a business presentation at a company, you may find yourself wondering how to incorporate material from your life coach training into your presentation. Trust me, you can!

One of the programs our coaches become trained and certified in how to deliver to their clients is the DreamBuilder Program – this is Mary Morrissey’s proven, reliable and repeatable 12-week system of transformation.

In the case of giving a business presentation, I recommend to our coaches that they pull three of the 10 steps of the DreamBuilder Program, and share how to apply these steps to improve workplace communication and interaction.

3 Steps From The DreamBuilder Program That You Can Use In a Business Presentation

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COMMUNICATION KEY #1: Discovering your dream

Discovering your dream is step one of dream-building. It involves creating a vision for your life, and one of the ways of doing so is to ask yourself, “What would I LOVE?”

Now during a presentation you’re giving to a business, you can relate this exact question to workplace culture. Bosses and employees can start by asking that of themselves, “What would I love in terms of my job? In terms of my interactions with my coworkers?”

Likewise, you can encourage your audience to ask themselves, “What would I love more or less of in the workplace?”

Getting a clearer picture of what your audience would love more and less of in the workplace will help foster better communication and a more effective and harmonious workplace.

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COMMUNICATION KEY #2: Evolving your perception

This step involves really stopping to assess where you’re coming from with your perception of things – and then changing your perception if necessary to be more dynamic and expansive in pursuit of your dreams.

In a business presentation, you can stress to your audience the importance of reflecting on their own perceptions as related to the perceptions of others. I like to share what I call the “beach ball metaphor” to illustrate the ways in which two varying perceptions can lead to miscommunication… and then better communication.

If you and I are tossing a beach ball around, we’re each going to see a different side of it. From my side of the beach ball, I may be seeing the color pink, and you may be seeing blue. Both of us are correct in what we’re seeing, we’re just seeing something different – we have two differing perspectives.

But we can work toward moving over “to the other side of the beach ball” – to understanding another person’s perspective. Because the fact is, great communicators seek to understand before they seek to be understood.

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COMMUNICATION KEY #3: Listening to the still, small voice within

Listening to the “still, small voice” within ourselves involves listening to our intuition in order to take the right and necessary actions in service of our dreams.

In interpersonal communication, intuition can become an absolute superpower. Pausing and listening to this still, small voice before speaking to another person ensures that we come from a place of calm, not from the storm of the ego.

So share with your audience that to communicate more effectively, let your intuition guide your communication with love. Doing so ensures that each one of us is more compassionate and empathetic with those we’re communicating with, which ensures much better communication all around.

Make a naturally compelling case for life coaching during your business presentation

At the end of your business presentation, provided you’ve really served your audience, they’ll most likely want to hear more about the transformational principles you have to share.

It’s then that you can invite them to enroll in a free strategy session with you, where you’ll be able to share more about these principles, and how they can apply them to their personal and professional lives.

In this way, you can attract new clients into your business, and support them in creating a life they truly love living!

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