Have you ever thought about helping people to create the lives of their dreams, only for your inner critic to jump in and say,

“You can’t do that. You aren’t rich, you aren’t famous or successful, you don’t have a perfect relationship, you don’t have a lifestyle you really enjoy… how can you think about teaching other people to build their ideal lives if you aren’t doing it yourself? What a hypocrite!”

Would it be wrong or dishonest of you to start teaching people the principles of success when you yourself aren’t successful yet?

To answer that, I’d like you to ask yourself three questions.

1. “Are the principles of success invalid or useless if I haven’t fully used them myself?”

If an architect hasn’t designed his own dream home yet, but he’s good at designing houses and he knows it, is he going to quit? Or will he take the knowledge he has, which he KNOWS is useful and effective, and use it to help other people to create the homes of their dreams?

2. “Will holding back because I don’t have the success, wealth, influence and impact I desire help me to create it?”

It’s a vicious cycle: you can hold yourself back because you haven’t achieved your desired success yet, and then fail to achieve that success because you’re holding back!

If you want to create a life you believe is worthy of a Life Coach, and you believe that coaching is your true calling, then creating a successful Life Coaching practice might very well be the first step.

3. “Did anyone ever become successful by waiting until they were perfect?”

If you wait until you’re perfect, the circumstances are completely in your favor, and the stars have all aligned, you’ll always be in a state of waiting.

Successful people don’t wait until they become successful to start creating success. They start from where they are, and improve along the way.

“But how can I teach others to become successful if I don’t know how myself?”

That’s where I come in.

I have spent over 30 years teaching people how to create and sustain the lives of their dreams. I’ve built 2 multi-million-dollar businesses from the ground up, and I know how to not only create a prosperous business as a coach, but also how to apply those same success principles to every area of my life.

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