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3 Powerful Steps for Helping Your Clients “Cross the First Threshold” and Start Taking Action Toward Manifesting Their Greatest Dreams

Over the course of 2018, we’ll be studying the various stages of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey as a means of learning how to better serve our clients on their transformational life paths.

Last month, we looked at the second stage of the hero’s journey to explore how to support our clients in opening themselves up to supernatural aid. In other words, how to tap into the power of their intuition and follow it’s guidance to move more quickly and easily toward their dreams.

This month, let’s turn to the third step of the hero’s journey – “crossing the threshold.” We can discover ways of serving our clients as they step through the door of new opportunity and begin taking real action toward their goals and dreams.

So what is the “crossing the threshold” stage in the hero’s journey, and how can you relate it to your clients’ dreams?

As a reminder from the past two months, the hero’s journey entails an individual rising to a calling, undergoing a series of challenges as they pursue a goal, and experiencing extraordinary life transformations.

On this journey, a person builds discipline, perseveres despite obstacles, and sees goals through to attain their ultimate dreams.

Up to the point of the “crossing the threshold” stage of the journey, the hero has accepted a call to adventure and embraced the supernatural, bringing to them to the point where it is time to actually commence their journey – to take action on their dreams.

So at the “crossing the threshold” stage, the hero makes a formal commitment to the journey and actually begins the process of something new.

It’s at this stage of the hero’s journey where your client leaves the familiarity and safety of their former world behind

You can frame it for your clients this way: a door is a threshold between two rooms or places, so when a client “crosses the threshold” they have officially stepped through the door of opportunity into a new place!

Crossing a threshold is a very exciting stage in the hero’s journey – it requires your client taking the inspiration, intuition and clarity developed thus far, and taking a bold step forward into the unknown in the direction of their dreams.

Now this can be an intimidating stage in the process for your clients, since it’s pretty scary to take a leap into an unknown, new world!

It’s one thing to imagine and identify a dream, but to actually move forward with it takes tremendous courage, faith and will. And the very first steps can be the hardest take for this reason.

So how can you assist your clients in crossing the threshold and actually taking action toward the dream?

Here are a few steps to help you in the coaching process when a client has reach this stage of their journey.

crossing the threshold commit

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD STEP #1: Help your client commit to the dream they would love

During the “call to adventure” stage of the hero’s journey, your client will have brainstormed ideas and generated a vision for what they would most love to be, do, have or give in this life – they will have identified and crystallized a dream.

Answering the call to adventure is a feat unto itself, but the only way to move forward with it is to make a true, unwavering commitment to it. This doesn’t mean that your client can’t adjust their dream over time or change up the routes to get there, but they will need to be committed.

And while making a commitment obviously doesn’t mean writing a contract in stone, you can encourage your client to make a commitment with themselves by putting their dream in writing and speaking their dream aloud with purpose and confidence.

They can write a simple line or two in their journal stating their dream clearly, or even frame it as a contract with themselves or the Universe.

You can also encourage them to talk about their dream aloud from the future, say three years from now, in the present tense.

For example, instead of having them say, “I want to publish a book,” have them try saying, “I published a book this year! I am a published author.”

The brain processes these commitments as real, as manifested, which puts your client on the vibrational frequency of success. And becoming committed to a specific dream is the first step to crossing the threshold into a new world of new results!

crossing the threshold action

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD STEP #2: Use evocative coaching to assist your clients in determining an initial action

The goal at this stage is to help clients come up with the first action step to take toward their dream, and using evocative coaching techniques can help.

Evocative coaching is a form of heart-centered life coaching that supports your client in understanding that all of the answers they seek to move their life forward are within themselves.

One of the ways to practice evocative coaching is to ask your clients deep and meaningful questions that help them think expansively, find their own answers and forge their path toward their dream.

Early on in the dream-building process, you might ask your clients the evocative question, “What would you love?” in order to help them generate a vision for their life.

At the “crossing the threshold” stage, you can start to ask them questions that help inspire the first actions to take toward their dream.

For example, you may ask, “What does crossing this threshold and committing to your dream look like to you? What are some ideas for how will you get there?”

You can then help your clients brainstorm a list of action steps to take, and help them select the best one to take first.

For example, maybe the first step for your client is enrolling in a class or seeing a doctor or opening a new savings account. Whatever it is, support your client in determining the first step and they’ll be well on their way getting started and crossing the threshold into new adventure!

crossing the first threshold

CROSSING THE THRESHOLD STEP #3: Encourage your clients to take consistent action

Once a big picture has been realized, it can sometimes feel overwhelming for your client to think about the significant gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

But once they’ve taken the first step, they’re on their way! Remind them and be their partner in believing that small steps will take them anywhere – right up any mountain, even!

So long as they are resigned to take consistent steps, however big or small, they will have crossed a threshold and stepped into a world of opportunity.

There’s a system for turning dreams into reality…

And that system involves creating a clear vision of a dream and then taking consistent action toward it. Part of what makes a dream a dream is your client not knowing how they are going to achieve it – so it’s okay if they don’t have all the answers at the start!

But as they begin and continue to take action, answers and opportunities to move closer toward their dream will unfold until that dream is realized. So encourage your clients to have faith that if they cross the first threshold and stay the course, they will generate results they are in love with!

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