The most powerful tip you can learn today on how to build a thriving life coaching business and make a difference in the lives of others.

The following poem, written by Jessie B. Rittenhouse, sums up a challenge that I’ve seen many life coaches experience.

I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store.

For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid.

Those who feel drawn to Life Mastery Institute, to get certified as a life coach, typically have a desire to serve clients, make a difference in the lives of others and build a thriving business.

But often, many life coaches experience frustration that, despite their best efforts, they aren’t able to attract the ideal clients they desire, or the potential clients they speak to don’t feel compelled to say “YES” to investing in a program with them.

Consider This: You DO Deserve a Thriving Life Coach Business


Results are related to self-worth

What may surprise you is that there is a correlation between these results and their own self-worth.

Let me explain…

I recently heard a short anecdote from a life coach, who is also a mother. Seeing her daughter cutting up a watermelon in the kitchen, the mother said

“Wow, that looks delicious! Can I have some? I’ll just take one of the end pieces, so that you can enjoy the juicy center pieces, which are the best ones.”

The daughter said,

“Don’t be silly, Mom. Take one of the good pieces.”

But the mother refused.

“No,” she said, “You can enjoy those, I’ll just take one of those less desirable end bits. That’s good enough for me.”

The daughter then said,

“You know, Mom, this is probably why your life coaching business isn’t taking off.”

Stunned, the mother said,

“What do you mean?”

The daughter explained,

“Well, life isn’t compartmentalized. Your pattern in one area of your life likely reflects how you act in all areas of your life. I offered you the opportunity to have one of the best pieces of watermelon, and — even though I know it’s something you would love, and there’s plenty of juicy center pieces to go around — you refused it.

We attract what we are. If you don’t feel worthy of saying ‘YES’ to the best that life has to offer, how can you expect your clients to? Why would they say ‘YES’ to working with you to create a life filled with what they would love, when they don’t see you doing the same?”


An “Ah-Ha Moment”

Like the mother in this story, you may be having an “Ah-Ha!” moment right about now too. And that is why I want to ask you two questions:

  1. Do you believe you are worthy of enjoying all of the wonderful things that life has to offer?
  2. Do you believe you are 100% deserving of living a life you love?

It’s important that you believe you are worthy to enjoy the goodness of life if you desire to attract clients who are looking for, and willing to invest in, working with a life coach to create inspiring, expansive new possibilities in their lives.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, build a successful coaching business, and set a good example for your clients, your friends, and your family… LOVE YOURSELF.

This is a revolutionary idea, and in fact, the first time a life coach was interviewed on Oprah, they got booed because they dared to share about the vital importance of prioritizing self-care.

You deserve the spectacular dream life you’ve always wanted


Ask for what it is that you would love.

Take action toward what it is that you would love.

Say “YES” to what it is that you would love when it’s offered. There are plenty of “juicy center pieces” to go around for everyone.

The Universe is expansive and infinite, and so are the “juicy center pieces.”

Once you remember this truth, you will soon find more and more clients are willing to say “YES” to working with you, and your life-coaching business will begin growing at an exponential rate.

For more step-by-step tips and proven strategies on how to start or grow a successful life-coaching business that makes a profound and lasting difference in the lives of others, and allows you to earn an abundant income working from anywhere that you choose, click on the link below to download my FREE ebook, “Are You Meant to Be a Life Coach?”

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35 Responses to Do You Feel You Deserve to Have a Thriving Life Coaching Business?

  1. Daniell Sheree says:

    If you change your thoughts your entire world changes

  2. Kimberly Goldsmith says:

    I’m very interested on vacation with grand child will be home in another week will start then …

  3. Mechelle says:

    I love to champion people. As a career educator I sought to bring out my students best. As a believer I abide in the ways of God. As an artist I always see what is not there yet. I love helping people.

  4. SusanTreesh says:

    Can’t wait to start my career. Looking foword to helping others.

  5. Is very good this time thank you

  6. Jon says:

    If i can make it threw the banquet of calamities including terminal diagnosis of cancer atv75 yrs old i can make differsnce in anyone for good
    Thank you god bless
    Peace n love to you in abundance

  7. Greysha says:

    Espero que me contraten se los a gradesco mucho

  8. Maryann says:

    I believe we all have potenial and need to move in life what is inside comes out to help and give to others I never below myself or others have to be uplufting to help others

  9. Louella Gorham says:

    Yes I can thrive with a life coaching business. I already have request to work with people and groups, but they want me as a volunteer! He’ll me to get paid!

  10. Shirley Prive says:

    How much will it cost, when do I start, and how long will it take?

  11. Tammy Coil says:

    This is my calling from God to use my voice to help others

  12. Michelle says:

    A door opening perhaps. I came across your information as I have been putting one to paper beginning stages of offering life coaching. I have much to offer to people from my personal, work and education experiences.

  13. DON JACKSON says:


  14. Loren Ouellette says:

    Hello Mary

    Thankyou for yhe invite. This just may be exactly what i need. I already find my self asked about alot of tough questions from friends. I find myself cobtinuosly listening and encouraging and giving hope. I already find people giving me donations to continue my work because of the difference i have made in their lives. I always have a hard time accepting them becauuse i was not looking for money. This would also be encouraging to me also as it seems you unable to assit some because of in adequite resources and some knowledge. Ty i pray you may help me to do a better job of gelping thise around me ty. I have a testimonial and others being written soon of the difference in there lives is very dramatic by there own words doing my best to reach out and help others and am looking to start a charit organization to assit people in fair and just reasons.

  15. Tonda Nampaio-Cardenas says:

    What a profoundly wonderful message, and one I admit to previously having a difficult time with. I am so grateful for the daily opportunities to count my blessings and to heal from this kind of thought processes. We are all children of God, equally deserving. Thank you Mary for touching on this. I’m so excited to chat about beginning my long time goal of becoming a life coach and sharing positive affirmations such as this.

  16. Ingrid price-palmer says:

    Yes i would love to be a life coach to make a difference in someones life!

  17. Ariel Phoenix says:

    Someone once said,
    “If one settles for less than one deserves, one will wind up settling for even LESS than one settled for.” A-HA! I get it!
    The limitless universe provides what one asks for – in the very measure one asks of it.
    If the measure of self-worth is potentiated by the value you amplify in others’ lives, it behooves one to grab one’s full potential and the opulent bounty available for the asking.
    Why wait? Time is precious.
    ‘NOW’ is the only point of power You Have to pour your entire heart-mind-body & soul into your vision…one that gets results.
    That’s why it IS The Present… and You are the Gift that keeps giving to the world.
    This is where one person can make a lasting impact; make the world a better place.
    But it starts with YOU.ME.All of US who feel that ‘calling to serve the greatest good.’
    THAT, as Ganghi said, is:
    “BEing the change you wish to see in the world.”
    What a beautiful legacy to Life!

  18. Thomas Wiebe says:

    I’m so.ready to be a life coach…I believe and love myself humbly…so I can humbly love others and coach them thru a beautiful life full of love and Humbleness

  19. Ijeoma says:

    This awesome information and guide to people like us who are struggling with life mission. Mary thank you for making it clearer and providing these tools. God bless you, to me that is impact and that is success. I am truly helped.

    But I need help with the tuition, I need to talk to somebody please.

  20. Arlene Verde says:

    I am ready to embrace my purpose on the planet as I have felt a higher calling in me to change and heal the world one person at a family at a time.

  21. And thanks for ready to go this extra miles with moment world’s words warmness chances again mother’s Morrissey

  22. Mary says:

    I am excited! Becoming a life-coach is a dream to come true. Being in a position to help others attain their goals makes me attain mine. A win win situation. So looking forward to the next part of my journey

  23. Sarika Gore says:

    Thank you, Mary for building this mecca for us. May we always remain humble and blessed in our calling.

  24. Sarika Gore says:

    Yes, I do. I am ready! My Heart string doesn’t stop pulling me in the directions of helping others achieve their goals, the same way GOD has Blessed me with His Divine Light that surrounds and protects me; His Divine Love that envelopes and strengthen me; His Divine Hands that Uplifts me and Guides me, and His Divine Grace that’s Forever with me and makes me Whole. I know He is calling me to services… I Deserve to Have a Thriving Life Coaching Business, I believe it is my calling without a doubt.

    • Leslie Thompson says:

      I love how well you stated your desire to be a life coach! That’s exactly how I feel but you just stated it so completely and so concise .
      Simply put… beautifully stated.

      Sincerely and with my warmest wishes for your success,

  25. Reva says:

    I’m extremely excited about becoming a certified coach. I’ve enjoyed helping other all my life. It’s a gift, a blessings. I took a job with a Telecommunication Company many years ago as an Assistant and worked myself to the top of that job. Then Quickly changed over within the same company and took a stepping stone job to get me where I wanted to go. Within a year, I was in customer service as a service representative. I loved it. I normally was the top service person and got the top promotion percentage. I never thought I would make what I made when I started out with that company. I was very blessed. I know I’m good with people. Plus, friends referred to me as their counselor and as take charge person. I’ve had a desire for a very long time that I would like to be coaching others. I know I will be excellent helping and coaching others. I’m a little rusty at this time since I got married 12 years ago, quit my job to make my husband happy. But I realized quickly I couldn’t make him or anyone happy if they didn’t want to be happy. I’m ready to rehone some things I haven’t been exposed to in the last 12 years as well as I’m ready to learn, to grow, to expand, to become a coach, to help others live a better live, to live a better life than I have lived for the last 12 years. Yes, I’m still married and sincere I attend the DreamBuilder Live in Los Angeles in January of this year, I have been really listening to my intuition which has been drowned out under the stress of life for sometime. My intuition has led me to ask my husband a question that has helped in our connection in having a better relationship. I’ve helped him to become a better man. He actually told me that two years ago. I’m ready to become the very best coach I can. Thank you for your re-enforcement and helping me to take my life back completely.

  26. alesia says:

    Very Excited about becoming a Life Coach

  27. Crystal says:

    I know I am ready to serve by using my gift and talents to change and Impact the world promoting The Divalicious Life how to maximizing your full potential within you.

  28. Barbara Coyle says:

    How do you start your business.


    • Mary Morrissey says:

      Hi Veronica! I am so glad to read your comments! I can read you have a passion for helping others which is one of the characteristics of the Life Coach.

      I will be happy to help you through your training process if you decide to go for it!

      Keep in touch and if you like the articles in my please share them with someone you think have your same passion!

      Here’s to your SUCCESS!

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