Sometimes, when you’re starting a new business, career or coaching practice, one of the hardest steps is deciding what you’re going to do with the career you already have.

Or perhaps your current business or career is slowly sucking the life out of you and you’re desperate to leave it behind, but you depend on the income, so you can’t just drop it.

So do you have to leave a career you love to become a life coach, and is it feasible to abandon a career you’ve come to dislike?

Let’s answer the question behind the question.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll be forced to abandon work you love, the real question is,

“Will I have enough time and energy to juggle Life Coaching and my existing career at the same time?”

The answer is, it depends on how busy you’re allowing your career to make you, and how you intend to structure your Life Coaching practice.

If you don’t know the principles behind shaping your life, it can be easy for your current line of work to make you so busy that you can’t possibly fit anything else in.

Your subconscious, which loves to guard you from change and risk, will help to keep you swamped; if it senses a big adjustment in your life looming on the horizon, it will do its best to protect you by keeping you busy so the change cannot take place.

And if you’re planning to coach clients mostly 1-on-1, that can and will eat up far too much of your time.

That’s why, when I certify Life Coaches, I teach them how to take control of their lives and create the extra time they need. I also show them how to serve multiple people at once, so they can build a thriving business without working all day every day.

If you know how to serve many people simultaneously, and you can keep your existing career from eating your whole day, it is entirely possible to become a Life Coach while continuing your other line of work.

Your new-found wisdom might even enhance your existing practice, allowing you to bring your clients even bigger results!

But what if I want to leave my career?

If you want to escape from your present career, the question becomes, “Can I make enough money by being a Life Coach that I can afford to lose my current income source?”

Again, the answer is, it depends. Do you know where your potential clients are, how to get their attention, how to enroll them, and how to coach them in a way that lets you serve many people at once, so that your income isn’t limited by the number of hours in a day?

And if you don’t know, should you let that stop you?

If your current career isn’t giving you joy, by all means, leave it behind. You were meant to spend your life making a difference by doing work you love, not simply surviving from one unhappy week to the next. And if you choose to become a Life Coach, and you understand and consistently apply the principles of success, you absolutely CAN create the lucrative practice you’re hoping for.

But there are two ways to do that: the hard way, and the easy way.

The hard way is through months or years of trial and error, struggling to learn how to attract enough clients to keep your finances afloat.

The easy way is by letting me help you.

I’ve built a successful coaching practice from the ground up, and turned it into a multi-million-dollar business. I know how to attract clients, serve them effectively, and use the principles of success to balance this new career with a relaxed, exciting lifestyle.

Whether your chosen lifestyle includes another business or not, you CAN become a successful Life Coach – on your terms, not the ones your circumstances choose for you.

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