Have you wondered what it takes to have a career helping others as a life coach, so you can have more time and money freedom while doing what you absolutely love?

If so, one of the first things you’ve probably asked yourself is whether certification is necessary or important to being a life coach. Is there a difference between a certified and non-certified life coach, and if so, what is it?

To answer this question, I’m going to ask you to consider for a moment that you needed to consult with someone on an issue of major importance with your health. You had a condition that absolutely required a correct diagnosis so you could dissolve the difficulty you were experiencing in your body.

Would you have as much faith in the diagnosis of a trusted friend or someone you just met, who had no certification and no training in anatomy or medicine? Or would you trust the opinion of someone who had poured their heart, mind and soul into being certified to easily help you solve a problem with your body?

When it comes to life coaching, you’re getting a diagnosis and treatment plan for your whole life! Wouldn’t you want to work with someone who has been trained and certified to give you the best guidance possible?

As the founder of Life Mastery Institute, I’ve trained more than 1,200 people to be a certified life coach. On one hand, I can tell you that from a legal standpoint you don’t need to be certified to offer coaching. On the other hand, would you trust just anyone to offer you guidance and advice about something as important to you as the direction to take your life?

So the short answer is no, you don’t need to be certified to be a life coach, but you probably want to be.

The good news is that you can become certified as a life coach quickly and easily.

There are quite a few options of where you can get your certification. However, I would encourage you to choose carefully, because not all certification programs are the same. You want to choose a program that offers you support from experienced, highly trained individuals who can help you build a successful business while learning how to be effective helping people lead lives they love.

This is your life and your new career, and your happiness matters. Choose carefully.


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