When you’re coaching your clients, it can often be tempting to go ‘freestyle’; to focus on and talk about whatever feels right at the time.

Yes, you may have an idea that you need to create a course or curriculum in the future, but that can wait, right?

LifeCoachClientMeetingsThe truth is, some people do very well while ‘winging it’ in their coaching, and get great results. Maybe you’ve been doing this yourself. But there are some very serious hidden dangers in this method, which every coach should be aware of.

#1: You could end up missing steps

When you don’t have a consistent system in place, it’s easy to end up giving your client one piece of the solution, while missing other pieces that they need in place in order to make real, sustainable changes.

You could help them to make a shift in one part of their life, only to have it sabotaged by another area that you didn’t address. Or they could start to make progress, only to find out that they’re missing a piece of the foundation that they needed to make that progress permanent.

I’ve found that it’s much better to have a system that walks them through the entire journey, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks along the way. This allows me to give my clients much more consistent results.

#2: You’ll tire yourself out a lot faster

Let’s face it: helping people to overcome an endless variety of obstacles, and to reach goals that vary from one person to another, takes a lot of mental energy. If you’re constantly coming up with everything from scratch, you’re spending a lot more effort per person than you need to be, and limiting the number of people you can serve.

#3: It traps you in a cycle of dollars for hours

‘Freestyle’ coaching also limits your impact because you can only use it on one person at a time or a small group at most. But with a proven, repeatable curriculum, you can create courses and events that serve hundreds of people simultaneously, vastly expanding your reach.

What kind of curriculum do you need in your business?

Ideally, you want your system to be flexible enough to adapt to any client’s needs, but consistent enough that you know you’re covering everything they need to know and do to create the results they want.

Your curriculum should include a system for learning, to make your teaching easy to absorb; a system for implementation, to be sure that they actually put their new knowledge into practice; and a system for support, to help them stay encouraged and accountable throughout the changes they’re making in their lives.

If creating a curriculum by yourself is something you aren’t sure how to do, or you simply don’t have time for it, I’d love to help you with that. I’ve created a powerful, proven system that gets my clients consistent, amazing results, and right now I’m looking for a small number of highly dedicated Life Coaches who are ready to take their business to the next level, to serve more clients with more effectiveness, and to make their work easier and more fun.

If this is something you’d like to learn more about, just fill out the form on the right to talk to one of my coaching mentors. Together, you’ll explore your vision for the future of your coaching practice, what you want to create in your business and the world, and whether we’re a good fit to realize that vision together.

I hope to help you to serve more clients soon!

Here’s to Your Success,


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