As the founder of Life Mastery Institute, the world’s premiere training and certification institute for heart-centered life coaches, I’ve invested the last 30+ years coaching and mentoring thousands of clients from all over the world, and I’ve been certifying heart-centered coaches since 2009.

During that time, I’ve been repeatedly asked:

“Should I leave my career to become a full-time life coach? What if I can’t make enough money as a coach?”

“Do I have to choose between my current career and becoming a life coach? Will I have enough time to do both?”

The answer to these questions is, it all depends on how you plan to run your life coaching business!

Is life coaching for you?
Considering leaving your career to go full-time as a coach?
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3 Clarifying Questions to Determine If You Should Leave Your Career to Coach Full-Time

Here are 3 important questions you can ask yourself that will reveal whether it’s time to transition from your current career to becoming a full-time life coach.

QUESTION # 1: What would you love?

Would you love to stay in your current career, and coach your life coaching clients part-time?

Or, would you love to leave your current job or shut down your current business entirely, and become a full-time life coach?

Both paths are available to you, and you can always choose one path, and then change course later on down the road.

Many life coaches started out by staying in their current career (see how some of our coaches have done it:, and then once they became certified, they began coaching clients during evenings and weekends.

Once their business reached a certain growth point, they then left their career, and transitioned to life coaching full-time.

Again, there is no right or wrong path here. The direction you take depends 100% on the kind of career and lifestyle you’d love to create as a life coach!


QUESTION #2: Are you creating your own products and programs?

The coaches who quickly create difference-making, six-figure coaching businesses are the ones who offer group programs that can serve more than one client at the same time.

Having said this, it’s important to be aware that creating your own programs can be very time-consuming.

It takes time to research material, map out what you’re going to teach and in what order, and then to create the audios, videos and workbooks, or whichever method you want to use for the delivery of your programs.

Plus, at the end of this process, you’ll be left with a brand new product that has no reviews, no history, and no success history to lend it credibility and make it more sellable.

However, there is a way to avoid the extra work it takes to create a group program, while still offering this type of program in your coaching business!

Instead of investing months of your time and energy into creating a group program from the ground up, there is another way you can hit the ground running, and start serving lots of people in your business right away…

And that’s to become certified in coaching your clients through a pre-existing, time-tested coaching curriculum that’s already been created for you!

At Life Mastery Institute, for example, we train the coaches we certify in how to guide their clients through several highly-acclaimed transformational programs that will support them in creating incredible results in their lives.

Offering your clients access to a proven program that others have already used to create extraordinary results in their lives will save you a lot of time and energy, plus you’ll have the added benefit of letting your potential clients know that the program has a long track record of success.

QUESTION # 3: Are you learning to run the business aspect of your coaching business by yourself?

Remember, this is a coaching business.

When people dream of being a life coach, they usually imagine those moments when they’re sitting across from someone, or talking to them on the phone, and helping them to design and then step into a life they truly love living.

Being an effective coach is a very important part of your business. However, it’s also incredibly important that you learn the nuts and bolts of how to run your business well, including how to market yourself, how to attract and enroll clients, and so on (5 mistakes to avoid:

leave career to become a life coach

You can absolutely invest weeks, months and perhaps even years of your time into reading industry blogs, buying books and various training programs, and researching and testing out sales and marketing strategies in your business.

But, just as you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating your own programs, you can follow a step-by-step business-growth blueprint created by an expert who has achieved the level of success you want to achieve… and you can grow your business with lightening speed and efficiency.

And remember, by supporting the growth of your business, you’ll be able to reach more people, and help your coaching clients generate the results they desire in their lives!

At Life Mastery Institute, we train the coaches we certify in the art and science of client attraction, heart-centered enrollment, what the “client path” is and how to extend it, and many more proven business-growth strategies that will empower you in making the kind of difference you’d truly love to make in the world.

So just to recap, the answer is no, you don’t necessarily have to leave your current career to pursue life coaching full-time, unless this is something that you really truly would love to do…

How you choose to set up your business is up to you, but you will quantum leap toward having the kind of business you want to have, and making the difference you’d love to make, if have proven training and resources at your disposal that will support your success.

For more step-by-step tools and proven strategies for starting or growing a highly successful life coaching business, one that makes a profound and lasting difference in the lives of others and allows you to earn an abundant income while working from anywhere that you choose, click here to download my FREE ebook, Are You Meant To Be a Life Coach? >>

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And one last thing…

This is a huge decision and if you’ve made it this far, we want to support you through the process.

There’s a part of you that is really interested in becoming a life coach, a part that really comes alive when thinking about helping others in this way.

There’s another part of you that’s going to try and argue you out of going forward.

It’s our human-ness that wants to argue about why we can and why we can’t move forward with your dream. The most convincing argument will be to delay, to wait for the perfect time, to wait until x, y, z and THEN you’ll be ready and the timing will be better.

If you’re stuck in that spot, I encourage you to watch the video below, and if you’re ready to take action by the end, I want to connect you with one of my Program Experts, whose sole purpose is to help you become clear about what you really want in the world of coaching. It’s free and they want to help you get clarity around this dream.

Free strategy session with Program Expert >>

6 Responses to Should You Leave Your Career to Pursue Life Coaching Full-Time?

  1. Andrian Hoe says:

    I’m ready for a fresh start.

    • Andrian Hoe says:

      I believe that my commitment is relevant. My life expectancies have been challenging since 1994 until now. A fresh start is critical to my joy and happiness. Every day I encourage others and it’s my time to practice what I preach!

  2. Donna Long says:

    Yes I know I have a calling on my life. Have supported and helped many woman find their true potential and power inside of them. Helping them understand their true self. I am a full time employee at a job now to pay expences to live. Would love to earn money doing what I love not doing the day to day grain. Hope your heart felt program will help me.

  3. Mary,
    I found your mail very interesting. Please tell ee, in the event I want to use your time tested methods, how should I proceed.
    Ratna Chaudhuri

  4. Sunil kumar saxena says:

    I am a adocate and busy my profession secondly i am followers of Heartfulness orignatin so not intrusted any other work

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