Life Coaching is an exciting career. You get to guide people toward the lives they desire, dreams come true right before your eyes, and you can make a very good living from it, too. And in a perfect world, coaching your clients is all you’d have to do in order to make your business thrive.

But what if you don’t know how to run a business? Can you still become a Life Coach?

Let’s explore what you need to know to build a coaching business

In order to be successful as a Life Coach, you’ll need to know how to…

  1. Market your services and attract leads
  2. Turn those leads into paying clients
  3. Coach your clients effectively, so they get good results
  4. Manage the accounting and bookkeeping for your business

If any or all of these are new to you, it can seem like a very daunting list. Especially when you realize that each of these broad areas has a variety of different learning curves involved.

Does that mean that, if you don’t know how to do any one of these things that you don’t have what it takes to be a Life Coach? Or does it mean that you need to take a wide, expensive, and varied array of courses in order to prepare yourself to build a strong coaching practice?

Thankfully, it doesn’t mean either of those.

I’ve personally built a multi-million-dollar coaching business from the ground up. I know what it takes, I know how much effort and knowledge are required, and best of all… I know how to make it easier for you.

At Life Mastery Institute, I’ve taken all these different facets of building a Life Coaching business, and I’ve integrated them into a single program that’s specifically designed for new coaches like you.

I teach you how to attract clients, enroll them, coach them, and keep track of your newfound income… in a way that’s specifically tailored for coaches, so you don’t have to take a bunch of different programs and then try to figure out how they apply to you.

I also offer ongoing support, so whenever concerns or questions pop up, you’ll be able to get answers from someone who’s already walked this road.

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