As humans, we naturally want more joy and freedom in our lives.

Being a life coach gives you the income and flexibility to design your life the way you want it to be and today I want to talk about another thing that coaching can do for you.

Life Coaching isn’t simply a situation in which a wise, all-knowing guru dispenses sage advice to his or her enthralled listeners, remaining unchanged through the whole process.

It’s a journey you take together, and every time you interact with a client, both of you grow.

You’ll learn to listen.

As you converse with your clients about their challenges, hopes and dreams, your listening skills will improve, enabling you to have better relationships with everyone in your life.

You’ll learn to be who you truly are.

You’ll learn how to share your own story and experiences with your clients, thus showing them that they aren’t alone and that you understand what they’re going through.

And as you practice this vulnerability in revealing your past, you will learn to be more comfortable with your own imperfections, and your clients’ acceptance of you and your wounds will help you shed your mask of perfection, so you can live confidently as the person you truly are.

You’ll learn how to understand and influence people.

As you have conversations with your clients, discover what they want, and respond with evocative questions and comments that guide them toward the changes they long to make, you’ll learn both how to get to the core of what people truly desire, and how to gently influence them to make lasting changes in their lives.

Every time your client has a breakthrough or an a-ha moment, and they share their thoughts and experiences with you, it gives you an opportunity to learn more about how to help people create the life of their dreams, and you’ll have more knowledge with which to improve the lives of both your future clients and yourself.

It’s about helping your clients, but it also helps you.

What you learn in the process of coaching your clients helps you grow as a person, and enables you, through your own growth, to have a bigger, more positive impact on every person who comes into contact with you.


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