I want to offer you some ways to balance your existing work with a new Life Coaching practice. So if you want to become a coach without sacrificing a line of work that you already have and love, pay special attention to today’s post!

Being a Life Coach with a Job

Method 1: Use the principles of success to control your to-do list

Part of being a Life Coach is teaching other people how to shape their own realities, so they can create their circumstances instead of their circumstances controlling them. And to become a coach yourself, you will need to master these principles and apply them to your own life.

So let’s take a look at your current situation. Are you too busy to become a coach? If so, what exactly is keeping you swamped?

Are there tasks you’re doing that you aren’t suited for that could be done more quickly by someone else? Are there things you’re good at but aren’t passionate about, which could be delegated?

You might think that these things need to be done, and no one else will do them right or you can’t afford to get help – but that would be allowing your circumstances to control your life. So take a moment and think about it: what do you want to be doing with your day?

What’s keeping you from doing it, and what action step can you take to start shifting that?

Method 2: Merge your business and your coaching

If you’re in an industry that complements Life Coaching, becoming a coach can add another layer to your services, and allow you to serve your clients on a whole new level.

By learning the mindset and principles of success, and knowing what causes failure, you’ll be able to discover the root problems behind your clients’ challenges. This allows you to not only help them overcome those challenges, but also to prevent the problems from popping up again, so the results you create are bigger, faster and longer-lasting.

Now you can raise your fees – you are providing value far above many of your peers, and you deserve to be paid accordingly!

Method 3: Set up a system that lets you coach multiple people at once

Yes, it’s true; designing group programs can be more work up front than simply enrolling clients and coaching them one on one. That is, if you’re doing the work of creating the program yourself.

Before I get into that, let’s consider the cost of coaching solely 1-on-1. With this method, you trap yourself in a cycle of trading dollars for hours and your income will always be limited by the number of hours that you work in a day. Even if you get well known and you’re able to charge more – your income and free time will always be competing with each other, leaving you with less of both than you deserve.

Because of that, I strongly encourage you to use a system that lets you serve multiple clients at once. This removes those frustrating limits from your income and impact, and allows you to change hundreds or even thousands more lives, without spending hundreds or thousands more hours. Utilizing this system instead of “hours for dollars”, you can fit Life Coaching into your schedule, so your existing work doesn’t suffer because of it.

If you’re ready to become an expert in the principles of success, and you want to help large numbers of people without the hassle of having to create a program and system yourself, then I’ve got a great opportunity for you.

I am passionate about showing Life Coaches how to build an impactful, lucrative business. And I want to teach you how to attract clients and inspire them to invest in you, and how to coach hundreds of people at once with a proven system that gets amazing results, without eating up all of your time.

I take the guesswork out of building a six-figure coaching business, and I offer ongoing support, so you never have to take this exciting new journey alone.

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