For some people, inspiring their clients with their story is easy. They’ve overcome huge challenges, made enormous changes, and gotten amazing results.

So if your life doesn’t make for good storytelling, is it still possible to connect with clients by telling them a tale?

Here are two ways to do it:

1. Tell them how you overcame problems similar to theirs.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic, life-threatening, or unique. It just has to be personal and true.

If you’ve been in a situation similar to what your clients are suffering, tell them about it. Talk about the moment when you first realized you had that problem, the struggles you went through in the course of working through it, your darkest moment, the event that helped you start turning things around, and the journey you went through to get from the worst part of your life to where you are today.

Explain what kind of changes you’ve made, and the changes you’re helping other people make. How has your life and your clients’ lives gotten better in the course of your journey?

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, and to show your faults and mistakes. And don’t worry that your story is too specific to you for people to identify with. The more open, real and personal your story is, the more people will connect with it.

2. Talk about what made you passionate about your line of work.

If you haven’t experienced the same problems your client has, that doesn’t have to stop you from telling your story.

What was it that first got you interested in the work you do? What kind of problems did you see other people suffering from, and what made you passionate about helping them? What makes you love your work so much that you strive to be the best at it that you can possibly be?

As with the first type of story, be sure to tell them about the changes that have been happening since you got into this line of work. Share success stories, improvements in your own life, anything that can show them that what they desire is possible.

Everybody has a story to tell. Would you like me to help you create yours?

I hope this blog post helped you to see that no matter what your life has looked like so far, you have a story to share.

You have the ability to show other people that they aren’t alone, and to give them hope that the things they desire aren’t impossible.

If you still aren’t sure how to tell your story, or if you want the tale of your life to have more success and a larger mission at the end of it, I want to help you with that.

I want to empower you to become a Life Coach who helps hundreds or even thousands of people, in a way that deeply and permanently changes their lives. And I’ll help you to not only tell your story, but to master every other aspect of the art of inspiring your clients to take action for their dreams.

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