Many of the people I speak with want to make a bigger difference.

They want to earn more income, change lives, have more flexibility in their work, and spend more time with their families and themselves.

But at the same time, they’re reluctant to leave the security of their pre-existing job, and they aren’t sure whether being a Life Coach will be better for them than what they’re already doing.

Is Life Coaching a better fit for you than having a job? I’ll give you the pros and cons for both of them in a few areas, and let you decide.


When it comes to money, having a job vs choosing Life Coaching as a career is essentially a matter of security vs potential, and that’s often one of the greatest concerns when people are considering quitting their job to be a Life Coach.

A job is stable and predictable, at least at first. You know how many hours you’re working, and you know that you’ll get paid for those hours.

When you’re the one running a business, you don’t have that guarantee; your ability to get paid depends on your ability to attract clients.

However, once you actually start to attract those clients, you can make exponentially more income than you would in a 9-5 job. If you have a program that costs $1,000, and you can enroll just 20 people in it in one month, that’s a $20,000 month right there.

If you can enroll 100, 200, or even 500 people… I think you get the idea.


Does Life Coaching require more time than a job? That depends on how you handle it.

If you’re coaching your clients 1-on-1, both your time and your income will be very limited.

You’ll be stuck in the same hours-for-dollars cycle that you’re already in, and between the coaching and the need to run other parts of your business, you could actually spend MORE time than you’re currently spending on your job.

If you use group coaching, however, you can serve as many clients as you want in just a few hours per week.

How much time you spend on the rest of your business will depend on how much of it you try to do yourself, and how much you delegate to employees or family members, but you can end up working 20 hours per week or less if you’re willing to get help.


One of the biggest reasons to become a Life Coach is the difference you can make. Imagine if you could teach 500 people how to create the lives of their dreams, so they could break the cycles of poverty, bad relationships, stressful jobs or family problems that they’d struggled with for years, and then those clients passed that ability on to their next generation!

Imagine, 500 families worth of children growing up knowing how to create the lives of their dreams, so they can live the way they were meant to live instead of continuing a cycle of struggle and lack.

And 500 is just a drop in the bucket. I’ve helped thousands of people create the lives they desired, and I’ve devoted my life to training more Life Coaches to create that ripple effect.

Do you want to be a part of that?

I’ve created a 7-figure business as a Life Coach. I’ve also set it up in a way that allows me to focus my efforts on the work I love instead of doing mundane tasks, and I get to spend lots of quality time with my family and myself.

I can help you not only coach people effectively, but also run the business side of your practice, so you can attract and serve thousands of clients and create a lifestyle that you and your family love.

Are you ready? Do you want to learn more? Just scroll up and fill out the form on the right, and my team will help you get started.



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