It seems like many new coaches are terrified of asking for money or aren’t sure what to charge for their services.

So if these questions are also your questions, you’re about to find out why charging for DreamBuilder Coaching sessions is a benefit to your clients.

First, make the mental leap that selling is serving.

Your clients will actually make much greater transformations when they are committed financially. If they don’t commit financially, it’s just too easy for them to quit on themselves when the going gets tough.

Remember, as they coach with you, they are going to come up against their own paradigms of self-sabotage. They are going to be confronted with what inside themselves has been creating the results they aren’t happy with. And those moments before the breakthrough are downright uncomfortable!

Think about someone who wants to lose weight, for instance, whose goal is to drop thirty pounds and get strong. But they have never seen the inside of a gym. And they start off extremely enthusiastic. Guess what? By week three when the classes are hard, and the weights are heavy, and they could just eat a donut, what do you think they would prefer to do?

The donut starts looking really appealing. So as their coach, you don’t let them quit! You keep their eye on that goal of losing the weight and looking great and feeling great. You keep them focused on that win.

The Transaction for Transformation

When someone pays you to help them achieve a goal, we call this “The Transaction of Transformation”. Giving you money to coach them is actually the first step in their transformation. They need you to get there!

No one makes big transformations without support. It’s just too easy to default and go back to the way things were before. Those old groves are comfortable, even if they don’t serve. It takes the brain twenty-one days to create any kind of new habit. So your position as their coach is literally the most important person in that person’s life.

So when it comes to asking for money, you tell yourself that this is the way to get them to invest in their own transformation. And that should feel really good to you! Because your joy as a coach is in seeing them reach their goals, and live a life they love.

When they’ve achieved their goal, your client is going to turn around and give you the biggest thank you you’ve ever seen. And you’ll say, “I love being a coach!”

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  1. Merryla says:

    Dear Mary Morrissey

    I love your advice and your Method is fantastic!

    Thanks a million!

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