Do you have a heart for helping people? Do you light up inside when you see the light come on in someone else’s eyes whom you’ve helped in some way? If so, then you may be a natural at being a life coach. Here’s how to get your first life coach client.

Maybe helping people is something you do anyway because it comes naturally to you. But now you may be wondering, how would you get your first paying client as a life coach?

To answer this question, I’d like you to imagine a couple of different scenarios.

Scenario 1 – “Get”

Imagine walking into a room intending to “get” something from the people already there. You’re looking around and wondering who you can “get” as a client. Notice how that feels in your body.

You’re going to notice that you’re going to feel lack– a contracted emotion. You’ll likely to come across as a little more needy and slightly more tense, because you’re coming from this place of lack.

Scenario 2 – “Give”

Now imagine walking into a room and you’re there to give. No matter with whom you speak to, whether they become your client or not, you have a way of engaging with them that lights the fire within them of a life they’d love living.

Whether your conversation with that person lasts five minutes or 30 minutes, it will be of value to that person because you know how to be a person of increase as a life coach. You will be relaxed, welcoming and curious.

The natural result of being trained to be a person of increase is that people will ask you, “Tell me more about what you do.”

You will intrigue them and they’ll want to know more about you, and that may lead to signing them on as a client. When you come from a place of “give” you will attract all kinds of things to you that you can never imagine would come your way.

I’ve heard of newly certified life coaches who have signed up clients they met on an airplane or after sharing a taxi, just because they came from a place of “give” instead of “get.”

Your First Life Coach Client: The Art and Science of Life Coaching

There is a science and an art to life coaching. There’s a science and an art to business building.

When you understand that people do want more for their lives, and when you can give them clear and simple tools for living a better life no matter how long you speak with them, and you firmly believe that they can achieve success no matter what circumstances they’ve experienced up until now, you will have impact.

When you have impact, you’ll see impact in your life, as well.

Of course, this all presumes that you’ve been trained and certified as a life coach. If you aren’t, let me suggest something to you. There are many great coaching certification programs available in the world today. When you shop for your certification program, you want to look for some important things:

  1. Trainers with a proven track record. Trainers in the program all have a six figure coaching business of their own. They have the hands-on experience as coaches, they haven’t been just trained to train.
  2. A program that’s a good fit with your values. If you’re a heart-based person, meaning, you believe that we all have untapped, unlimited potential inside each of us, and that we have the power greater than our circumstances, then you want to look for a coaching certification program that matches those values.
  3. A certification program that offers training in the economic engine behind coaching. You can be a great coach, but without the skills and knowledge to market yourself and actually run a successful BUSINESS, you won’t be able to help anyone. With an effective economic engine behind your coaching business, you can help lots of people create a life they love.
  4. A certification program where the trainers actually care about your results. You shouldn’t have to do it alone. You want a program that offers support and encouragement as well as hands-on training.

Life Mastery Institute offers all four aspects to life coaching training. For more information on how you can become a successful life coach, click on the button below and receive your free resource and guide to life coaching.

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