It can be challenging to find the time to learn how to grow your life coaching business while nurturing your family life.

It can often feel like one must be sacrificed in order for the other to move forward.

One of the biggest challenges any business owner may face is how to create more work-life balance, and life coaches are no exception. 

But thankfully, with a solid business model and proven step-by-step strategies, you CAN create a six or multiple-six figure life coaching business, while enjoying far more free time than you would in a traditional 9-to-5 job.

Here are three ways you can create more family time while growing a thriving business.

TIP #1: Engage your family and learn how to grow your life coaching business together

One of our Life Mastery Institute certified life coaches has hired her children to be part of her business. Her tech-savvy son handles the technology and software side of it, and her oldest daughter is the marketing department.

Because of this, not only do they share the common interest of their family business, but both children are learning valuable life skills that help them grow and develop professionally.

In fact, the daughter has even started her own marketing business, thanks to her experience with her mother’s company!

This life coach’s youngest child, meanwhile, helps with the household chores that don’t require an advanced level of business or computer training. This daughter is learning important virtues like:

  • Contribution
  • Responsibility
  • Time management
  • Skills required to maintain a household

By helping out with the business and household chores, all three children help to free up their mother’s working time, so the family can spend more quality time together.

TIP #2: Follow a business model that’s proven to increase your income and your time freedom

A mistake that many new life coaches make is that they initially focus solely on one-on-one coaching.

Coaching your clients one-on-one is a great way to delve deeply and make fast progress with a single client, but it also limits your income and impact… as you can only work with so many clients in one day.

At Life Mastery Institute, we recommend that our certified life coaches reserve their one-on-one time for their elite and highest-paying clients, and center the majority of their business around group coaching.


By coaching your clients in groups, you have the opportunity to change many, many people’s lives simultaneously, and in a way that’s actually MORE impactful in some ways than coaching one-on-one….

And, being that you’re able to work with multiple clients at once, you can also scale your business and your income much more quickly, while enjoying more time off… which you can spend with those closest to you.

TIP #3: Don’t try to reinvent the wheel

One of the most time-consuming parts of any new businesses is the development of new or revised products or services, and the refinement both of them through trial and error.

This can cost you months, or even years of wasted time.

Why wasted? Because during this time, you help fewer people, make less money and have less free time for your family, which are all the reasons you got into life coaching in the first place.

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    I still want to be a life coach.

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