If you walked up to one of your potential clients on the street and asked, “Do you need a Life Coach,” what do you think their answer would be?

For a Life Coach who’s trying to grow their business, marketing can be an interesting challenge. Everybody has subconscious paradigms that are keeping them stuck, mindsets that are attracting problems to their lives, and a pressing need to understand the principles that govern failure and success.

But not everybody knows that they have these problems. In fact, if you asked your clients if they have subconscious paradigms, many of them wouldn’t even know what you’re talking about.

So how do you market something that everybody needs, but not enough people realize they need?

It starts by meeting them where they are.

Like a sick patient who has a stomachache but doesn’t know why, many of your clients know they have problems, but they don’t understand the root cause. If you talk about the cause, they won’t understand you, so you need to speak about the challenges that they realize they have.

For example, don’t say, “A Life Coach can help you to clear out the blockages that are keeping love out of your life, and align yourself with the vibration of ‘soulmate’ love.” Your clients might deny that they even have blockages, or fail to understand the significance of adjusting their vibrations.

Instead, tell them that “I’ll help you to understand why you’ve been struggling to meet good men, and you’ll discover how to make yourself irresistibly attractive to the kind of men you want to date and marry.”

Do you see how the second one used language that everyone can understand, and talked about obvious problems and benefits that your client can immediately identify with?

When in Rome…

Every time you market yourself as a coach, use the kind of language that your clients use. Imagine that they’re lying in bed, thinking about their problems and desires. What kind of phrases would their mind’s voice use?

  • “I can’t afford a beautiful house.”
  • “I don’t want to approach women. I hate getting rejected.”
  • “I’m so tired of spending all day running my business. I’m not getting paid enough for this.”
  • “I want to feel beautiful again.”
  • “I want to be able to take my family on vacation.”

These phrases are short and specific, and they speak about tangible, visible problems and benefits, not the hidden cause. And the more your marketing matches the thoughts at the top of your clients’ minds, the more strongly they’ll respond.

Now you know what to talk about. But you still need to know how to spread that message.

Now that you understand what to talk about in your marketing, do you know where to do that marketing?

How can you get your message in front of the people who most need to see it?

I can teach you how to catch the eye of potential clients, enroll them in your programs, and coach them in a way that gets them fast, amazing results.

If you want to discover my secrets and use them in your own business, scroll up and fill out the form on the right, and one of my enrollment mentors will be in touch with you soon.



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