Coaching is the fastest growing 6-figure career path in the United States. It’s a career where you get to give your gifts fully, be the difference-maker you were meant to be and help people build their dreams.

It’s also a career that you will love for the lifestyle that affords you time for things that matter to you like; family, friends, vacations, fitness, and more!

So how do you pick the best coaching certification course for you?

You want a certification that will meet your needs, AND the needs of your clients.

Whether you already have a coaching business, or you are just starting out, what I’m about to share will be really helpful for you. (You may even want to print out this blog post and set it on your desk to study, because it will help you design a coaching career that leads you to success.)

The 3 things you want to look for in a life coaching certification are:

1. The Curriculum Should Align With Who You Are

Every coaching program has a certain school of thought and you want to make sure the one you choose resonates with your values and your purpose.

For instance: Are you interested in a program that is heart-centered and incorporates spiritual principles as well as success strategies?

Because some coaching certifications are generic, it helps to consider your wants ahead of time. This is the program you are going to be teaching, after all, so it should align to the core message of your own life.

2. The Program You Invest In Should Have a Proven Business Model

This tip is so important, because as much as you’ll love coaching others, you actually are running a business, and you need to plan ahead to succeed in your business. A coaching practice without paying clients is not a business; it’s a hobby.

Some coaching programs offer all the materials, programs, and coaching instruction, which is great! But many miss the importance of giving a proven business model that helps their coaches succeed in attracting new clients, and enrolling those clients.

As fun and dynamic as coaching is, without a proven business model you will be left in the dark doing trial and error trying to figure out where the money is and how to keep people invested in coaching with you.

This is an area where I have a great deal of expertise, because I know what works. It took me decades to design a program that enables my coaches to succeed from the start.

3. You’ll Need a Coaching Mentor That Guides You To Success

This last one is where a lot of new coaches get stuck. They are out there on their own for years of frustrating trial and error, making mistakes that could be prevented if only they had first connected with a mentor who could guide them properly.

Set up a discovery conversation so you can find out how this program can support you in living your dream of becoming a successful coach. Just schedule an appointment with one of our enrollment mentors today and Get Certified to be a Life Coach.


15 Responses to How to Pick the Best Coaching Certification Course for You

  1. Mischelle says:

    Ready to learn more

  2. Caroline Butterfield says:

    I’m really excited about this course. It is my vibration. Talks to my soul. I have no idea how much it costs and difficult to connect with anyone due to time difference in the UK. I know I’ve missed 2 calls but don’t want to call back as unsure of call costs. Financially in in a tricky place right now but changes are afoot and I’m hoping, visualising by the Summer I will be able to finance this 😊

  3. Everywhere a group of people are gathered there use to be an
    intense spirit among them.
    Looking at the video, the spirit within the group has made me a very happier than I do my self.
    Love, joy peace and happines has made me come to conclusion and to choose and create the thriving coaching business.
    Thanks to everyone that involved in Mary Morisseys coaching Business.

  4. Thanking God Almighty For This Mandate Opportunity Emerging Newly. May Heaven Accord For Us True Righteousness. Amen.

  5. Hi, Could you plain what the life coaching program consists of and
    how you can get certified? Many thanks, Diane Massion

  6. Diane Massion says:

    Hi, Could you explain how the course works and the work involved to get certified? Thanks so much, Diane Massion

  7. Sarika Gore says:


  8. Sarika Gore says:

    Mary, i know i was put on this earth to help others while helping myself. Its been one struggle after another.
    I want to have the proper tools as a certified coach. I don’t know where to start. Im in financial setback and just about want to give up. Please, I need your help and a miracle.

  9. meenal grover says:

    I am practicing as an naturopath, and have very strong inclination towards bringing transformations and a positive shift in people’s life. I have been listening and watching your videos in the recent past, and am so strongly eager to learn more and become a life coach. I would be happy to help people build their dreams, heal their past, and get over their limiting beliefs!!

  10. Kelly Kollmann says:

    I’m ready .

  11. Paula Scott says:

    I am allready a dream builder coach i just never got to finish the training befor i came to dream builders in la and then i came home and my dad got sick eventualy he was diagnosed with dementiour and i spent 7mounths running him to hospitals and watching whil they told me he wouldnt come home and the next day they would say he can go home on friday I was so confused and tied I wasnt sleeping and the rest of the family wouldnt help so I tryed to do it on my own of course it didnt work as I got sick the I rememberd every thing was created twice that saved me and I have been sorting through everything and now I have let go of the dramer and let him live his life and focus on my life in the training I am not sure how i can get the support i need can you please let me know
    I have to start this now and the urgence is now thankyou Paula

  12. Paul says:

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for providing the much needed information. I have always wanted to become a Life Coach and your blogs are really inspiring. It is now very clear where and how to start.

  13. Deboris says:

    I going to be that speaker that touch the soul and unlock the God in each individual..

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