When you’re trying to enroll a long-distance client, the most vital contact you’ll have with them is over online video chat or the phone.

Since they can’t interact with you face-to-face, these conversations are their only means of sizing you up as a teacher. This is where they get their strongest impression of your style, your abilities, and whether or not you’re the right fit to coach them.

If you come across as being confident, credible, and a person who knows what you’re talking about, your odds of successfully enrolling the client vastly improve.

So today, I’m going to share some ways you can up-level your conversational skills, so you can have more successful phone calls and feel confident during the process.

1. Talk slowly and clearly, and don’t get nervous

Have you ever tried listening to a song in which the vocals were too fast, indistinct, or overwhelmed by the instruments? I’m willing to bet that, after a couple of verses, you gave up figuring out what the singer was saying. It’s human nature, and your leads are no exception.Because of this, it’s important not to get nervous during your calls. Nervous people talk quickly and trip over their words and this makes them difficult to understand. When you start doing this, your client is likely to stop fully listening, and even if they make an extra effort to understand what you’re saying, they’re unlikely to enroll.

After all, if even the phone conversation is hard to follow, how much harder will the actual coaching be? And if you’re nervous about the call, it gives the impression that you don’t believe in your own coaching, which will send many clients running for the hills.

When you talk slowly and clearly, you sound confident, and it’s easy for your clients to understand what you’re saying. It also puts them at ease, so it’s easier for them to trust you. This makes them far more likely to choose to work with you.

2. Don’t say too much

Another thing people do when they’re nervous is over-explain themselves.  They say what they need to say, and then instead of allowing the other person to process it and ask their own questions, they try to answer every possible question at once.

This gives the listener no time to think about what they just heard, and it can be very frustrating to listen to a person answer questions you weren’t planning to ask, while not giving you a chance to ask what’s really on your mind.

So in your conversations, simply say what you need to say, then be quiet. Ask a question, and don’t justify your need to know. Make an observation, and let it sink in. State your price, and don’t apologize for it.

3. Let go of the need to reach a goal or control the conversation

It’s true that you do need to guide the direction of the conversation, to a degree. But don’t get hung up on a script or fixate on a goal.

Not every call will lead to a sale, and sometimes clients need to feel heard before they’re sure that you care enough about them that they can trust you with their money and their future. So when they need to talk, hear them out, and if you run out of time, don’t worry about it; just make sure you set another appointment.

This willingness to hear what they have to say will show your clients that you care about them as more than a potential sale, and it will improve your chances of enrolling them during the next appointment.

Would you like to learn how to attract clients so you can have these conversations?

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, and that you feel more prepared to conduct your next enrollment call with ease and confidence.

But obviously, in order to have such conversations, you need to have leads.

I have built a seven-figure business around my coaching, and I’ve become an expert in attracting leads, converting them into clients, and coaching them in a way that gets them spectacular results. And right now, I want to teach you how to do the same thing.

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