One of the biggest fears that many people have about becoming a Life Coach is that it will demand more from them than they’re willing or able to give; more time, more effort, more money, more travel.

Here are some ways you can build your business without traveling outside of your town:

1. Word of mouth from friends and family

If you help your inner circle learn how to explain what you do in a clear, effective way, they can be a great source of leads for your business. And because these potential clients were sent to you by someone they know and trust, you instantly have more credibility than you would if you’d approached them without that referral.

2. Online and offline marketing

There are many ways you can promote yourself, both locally and virtually, without stepping onto a plane. A few of them are:

  • Writing educational materials for magazines and e-zines that target your niche
  • Mailing letters and postcards to groups or companies you want to work with or speak to
  • Interacting and advertising on social media
  • Calling your friends and business contacts to see if they or somebody they know could use your help

3. Local networking groups and Meet-ups

If you have a specific group of people you’d like to help, whether it’s mothers, business owners or someone else, see if they have any offline networking groups or online Meet-up groups they belong to. There are a couple of ways to approach these groups, depending on the nature of the gathering and your own method of growing your business.

Approach #1: Offer to be a guest speaker

As a Life Coach, you’ll have valuable information to offer these communities. If the group you want to approach is one that’s geared toward supporting its members through guidance and knowledge, they may be open to either paying you to speak, or having you speak for free and offer your services at the end.

Approach #2: Be a part of the community

This second approach can be slower, but it also lets you expand your reach beyond groups that are centered on your primary niche.

If you have some interests or activities that you’re passionate about then by all means, join some online or offline groups that concentrate on these things. Prioritize the groups that focus on your niche or the primary problem you want to solve, but participate in these other groups and be a part of their community.

Be clear about the fact that you’re a Life Coach who is interested in taking on clients, and let people know what kind of problems you’re looking to solve. This isn’t a sales call, it’s networking. This is an opportunity for people to get to know you. Just be a part of the group, and if a member of the group decides that they need help in the area you’re focusing on, you’ll be the first person to come to mind.

“What if I don’t know how to do any of this? What if I mess up?”

It’s true that you can make mistakes, especially in the beginning. You might approach a group and come on too strong, or not strong enough; you might give your family and friends too vague an idea of what you do, so they can’t give you any referrals; or you could possibly create an advertising campaign that doesn’t get any results.

But I can help you get past this learning curve far faster than you ever thought possible. That’s why I created Life Mastery Institute – I want to teach you how to attract and coach hundreds of clients, so that you can make a real difference in the world and create the income and lifestyle you deserve.

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