Apply These Lessons to Your Life and Business Today So That You Can Experience More Inspiration and Success

Teachers and gurus come in all shapes and sizes.

These days, my new guru happens to be a long-haired kitten that belongs to my 13-year-old daughter. His name is Romeo (a.k.a. “The Kitty Guru”) and so far, he’s proven to be quite an amazing teacher in my life!

This comes as a surprise to me, considering that I’ve always been more of a dog person. However, I believe that lessons are everywhere.

And recently, I learned five powerful lessons from Romeo.

Important Life Lessons Learned From My Cat, The Kitty Guru

I share these five important life lessons with you so that you can incorporate them into your life, should you choose to, along with reasons why I think these lessons can actually help you open the door to a thriving coaching business.

1. Observation is an art.

The first thing I learned from Romeo is that observation is an art. I see him watching something as simple as the wind blow through the trees or people walking by, and he remains perfectly still. He takes it all in and concentrates completely on whatever he looks at.

Imagine if we would apply that type of concentration and attentiveness to our lives and careers!

For example, if you really listen to your coaching prospects, they tell you what their pain is and what they would love, ultimately letting you know how to close the deal.

Try practicing the art of observation in your life and business/career, and see what kind of changes will come about as a result.


2. Spend time in solitude.

Romeo has already staked out a few places in our house to take cat naps. I think these places help him feel safe, as well as give him a sense of solitude, peace and rejuvenation.

Similar to cats, human beings also respond well to regular periods of solitude in order to reflect and reset. In fact, the ability to start fresh is a key factor when it comes to the success of your business.

So whether you choose to meditate each morning, journal or go sit outside under a tree for 10 minutes a day, taking some time for yourself is essential if you want to be the best you can be.

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3. Appearance matters.

Did you know that when you meet somebody new, 80% of your judgement is based off of what they look like, 10% on what they sound like and only 10% on what they say?

Just like Romeo obviously cares a lot about his appearance (he’s constantly grooming himself), most successful people pay close attention to their clothing, hairstyle, etc. And even if you’re an extremely eloquent speaker, if your appearance is lacking, you’re undermining your ability to be successful.

So take it from Romeo: Appearance matters.


4. Don’t let fear stop you.

Romeo loves to climb to very high places. He’s always climbing up onto bookshelves, the top of the fridge and even to the top of the door jamb! He absolutely doesn’t let fear stop him.

To me, the lesson here is to go where you want to go in life and you’ll figure it out once you get there. Don’t let fear stand in your way.

Those who are successful in business most likely have experienced a lot of fear, but they aren’t paralyzed by it. Instead, they just go for it because what they want is more important than their fear.

5. Be in the moment.

One of the most magical things about our new kitten is that there’s only one moment to him – and that’s the present moment. He has no regrets and doesn’t make any apologies. The best part? He doesn’t experience stress because of what happened in the past or the future.

For example, I’m pretty sure he isn’t thinking, “Oh man, I should have played more with that ball of yarn yesterday. What was I thinking?” Or “What if my owners don’t feed me tomorrow?”

No… Romeo is confident. He’s chill… He lives in the moment and he honors the power of now.

the kitty guru

Let’s summarize the 5 important life lessons I’ve learned from “The Kitty Guru…”

So far, Romeo has taught me five powerful lessons about life:

  1. Observation is an art.
  2. Spend time in solitude.
  3. Appearance matters.
  4. Don’t let fear stop you.
  5. Be in the moment.

And now, here’s a question for you:
What’s an important life lesson you’ve learned from a surprising teacher or guru? How can you apply it to your business? Go ahead and share your answer with me in the comments section below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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  1. Pat Fritts says:

    My dog has taught me unconditional love and forgiveness.

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