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Striving to go higher and further is what having a “growth mindset” is all about

As a life coach, chances are you have two goals:

You want to make a difference in the lives of others, and you’d also like to build a business that will allow you to create a great income and improve your life.

But sometimes, in the midst of working toward your goals, it can be easy to undermine your own success.

You may find yourself saying things like:

  • “Yes, I got a few new email subscribers, but other life coaches have thousands of people on their email lists. I shouldn’t celebrate something so small.”
  • “I got a new client, but I wanted to get 10. I didn’t do as well as I thought I would.”
  • “I just had my first $10,000 month, but some people make that in a week! I don’t want to treat this like a big accomplishment, lest I limit my ideas of what a big accomplishment really is.”

Have you ever found yourself thinking these types of limiting thoughts?

If so, it’s great that you’re always seeking to accomplish bigger and better things! Striving to go higher and further is what having a “growth mindset” is all about.

But at the same time, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate yourself for what you’ve achieved.

Belittling your accomplishments is detrimental for two reasons

It prevents you from feeling good about yourself

There will always be someone who’s doing better than you in some way. There will always be bigger goals to chase.

If you postpone acknowledging or celebrating your success, no matter how big or small, until you reach this ever-moving goal post, you’ll never be able to enjoy what you’ve achieved in the here and now.

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It traps you in a vibration of failure

If you treat each success like it isn’t good enough, what are your mind and emotions focusing on?

They’re aligning with how you could have done better, but failed to do so. They’re creating a vibration of failure, which will attract more failure to you.

When you discount your wins, on an emotional and vibrational level, you are actually turning them into failures… and you’re training your subconscious to believe that you will only ever fail!

Here’s what you can do instead to embrace a growth mindset

The next time you have a little win, celebrate it. For example:

  • “I got 10 new subscribers – I’m 10 people closer to my goal of having 10,000 subscribers on my email list!”
  • “I got a new life coaching client today! Clearly I’m doing something good. I’m going to celebrate today, and then I’ll take some time to figure out what I did right and how to do more of it so I can get more clients.”

Do you feel the difference in the energy and vibration of those two statements, compared to the ones at the start of this blog post?

Here, you’re choosing to focus on your victory, instead of on what you failed to do, and on your opportunity for growth instead of the fact that that growth hasn’t physically happened yet.

Do you want to improve your life by increasing your growth mindset and experience success more often?

I want to help you get more wins. I want to bring you to a point where you have as many subscribers and clients as you want, more income than you know what to do with, and so many joys and victories that your whole life feels like a big celebration.

By enjoying my little wins and using time-tested methods to create bigger ones, I’ve grown my life coaching business to multiple 7 figures. And now, I’d love to teach you how to do the same, using a proven system that’s already helped hundreds of coaches just like you!

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