John Boggs Shares His Personal Thoughts on Inspiration, Contribution and Fulfillment

In the summer of 2018, my family and I had an opportunity to travel to Kenya to visit the communities that have received support from The Unstoppable Foundation.

The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization that brings sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries. Over the course of a year, these communities receive education, clean water & sanitation, food & nutrition, healthcare, and income training & empowerment.

The Life Mastery Institute community has given over $1 million to The Unstoppable Foundation over the last couple of years through programs and events such as Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder LIVE. And so, with a desire to see the impact of these gifts with my own eyes that, up until now I’ve only seen through pictures, my family and I boarded a plane and headed to Kenya!

How to Create a Burning Desire

What we found was that many people in Kenya have a burning desire to create the lives of their dreams. If you’d love to build something bigger and better in your life, then keep reading!

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Life in Kenya

Mama Jane is a village elder in the Kenyan community that my family and I visited. Mama Jane’s house is made out of mud adobe blocks. It has a tin roof, an outhouse, and a cleaning station near the outhouse to clean her dishes and wash her hands. There’s no running water.

Every day, Mama Jane walks about a mile down to a river with an empty five-gallon jug, fills it with water and walks a mile back. It weighs about 40 pounds.

Those of us on the trip had the opportunity to make the same journey, myself included. So we all carried a water jug to the river, filled it with water and carried it back. It was challenging and filled me with awe to think she does that every day, multiple times a day!

This is a normal way of life for many women and young girls in Kenya. If they don’t attend school, the alternative is to fetch water or be married off to an older man who may or may not have other wives.

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But With The Unstoppable Foundation, things have begun to change

There are now fresh water wells that have been drilled throughout the community so that people don’t have to walk to the river. They have access to fresh, clean drinking water.

Additionally, a school for girls has been built.

In Kenya, the kids are called ‘learners’ instead of students and the teachers are called ‘learning facilitators.’ The learners know that with a proper education, they’ll be able to go home, improve their own communities and support a better life for future generations. They know that their responsibility is to learn, and they take that responsibility seriously.

So when the community asked them how many hours a day the girls wanted to be in school, the initial response was from 4:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m! The school executives eventually settled for 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

In this specific community, more than 600 girls submitted applications to attend school, however, the school has only accepted 63 so far.

The reality is that many young girls in Kenya won’t live a life that’s beyond what they’ve known, so it’s not hard to imagine why they have a burning desire to create something different for themselves.

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For a country with so little, Kenyans have a lot of love and gratitude

Despite having so little compared to those of us in developed countries, many people in Kenya are incredibly happy and full of gratitude and love. The sparkle in their eyes, the gratitude in their hearts, the hugs and well wishes that they shared with us was truly inspiring and amazing.

I went to Kenya thinking that I would be there to determine exactly how much and in which ways we’re helping the communities. What I didn’t anticipate was how much the people of Kenya would help ME, my wife and my daughters by showing us what can be accomplished when you truly have a burning desire.

Although we’ve blessed some of the communities by providing all of the support we have, I truly believe that it pales in comparison to the blessing that I received by being inspired to do more.


Have you ever wanted to contribute to a bigger mission?

Traveling to Kenya gave me the chance to take a look at my life and work and ask myself,

“How can I up my level of commitment and impact? How can I make an even bigger difference in the world?”

If you’ve ever wanted to become a philanthropist, or to give to a worthy and meaningful cause (even if you’ve never done so before), then I highly encourage you to seek out and become involved with an organization that aligns with your values.

Regardless of whether or not you contribute to The Unstoppable Foundation, choosing to partner with a non-profit will not only further your impact, but also bring you a sense of deeper fulfillment.

It will also fuel you to reach for the next level of greatness by generating a burning desire within you, just as I originally thought I was going to Kenya to see the impact of our contributions and ultimately received an even greater gift in return.

And now here’s a question for you… which charity or organization would you love to support, and why? Go ahead and type your answer in the comments below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

If you know that you’d like to be, do, have and GIVE more, and you know that your time is NOW…

Then our three-day dream-building immersion experience, DreamBuilder LIVE, is for you!

At DreamBuilder LIVE, we’ll guide you through the three stages of dream-building – Blueprinting, Bridging and Building – the proven, reliable and repeatable formula to creating a life you love living, faster and more easily than you ever imagined possible.

dreambuilder-live-ticket-bannerThere, you’ll be joined by hundreds of other dream-builders and certified life coaches from all walks of life and from around the world, all working together to create vision-driven lives in a safe, loving and energizing environment designed to support you and your dreams, free from the distractions of day-to-day life!

Many Life Mastery Institute-certified life coaches began their work in the world simply because they attended DreamBuilder LIVE, where they clarified their own calling to help others transform their lives and said “Yes!” to the opportunity.

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9 Responses to One Remarkable Trait That Kenyans Have – And What We Can Learn From It

  1. T says:

    Contact for
    +Marvelous Home Orphanage Sierra Leone West Africa

    +PowerMentor Africa on Facebook or “Africa” put notation Adrica
    +Lords House of Prayer and Habitation Min & Mercy Township free school
    Pastorc Alfredo Mapesa Daraja Kenya East Africa

  2. Dirk Davies says:

    This is a burning desire for me. To make a differenc in a humble way. Born in Kenya. Live in South Africa. 25 years in Corporate,Human Resources, 15 years in development Construction.
    Built Schools in rural areas in SA.
    I would love to get involve.
    I also involved in identify promising students staying in shacks, helping them to find there passion, enrolling and mentoring

  3. I am Shabbir i live in Tanzania and run an Ngo called FIKRAFYA , creating awareness and fighting stigm around mental health. at any point if you wanna work collaboratively in Tanzania pls feel free to contact

    Libraries Across Borders is a registered non-profit organization that builds libraries in Ghana, in collaboration with beneficiary communities. Since 2013 we have completed 8 well resourced libraries. We have donated 75 computers and created 2 computer labs.

    I have personally been working with communities in Ghana since 2006; founded Links Across Borders in 2009, and have been building libraries and organizing volunteer programs in Ghana since 2013. I spend 2-3 months in Ghana annually, and would be excited and grateful if Mary Morrissey, LifeSoulutions would consider a partnership, or donating to L.A.B’s life-changing work in Ghana, West Africa.
    I recently became a certified Life Mastery Consultant, to give myself the time flexibility to spend more time transforming communities and supporting individuals to create the life they love living.
    I’m happy to see John learning on the ground in Kenya.

  5. c j elizabeth says:

    John what a treat! There are so many organizations to LOVE!
    I have local favorites – Street Teams – which gives people without a house a hand up, getting job training, rehab for challenges of all kinds and a team meeting a lot like Dream Building! Nationally, there’s Southern Poverty Law Center, Globally Doctors without Borders. I’d love to tell you about an inspirational scholarship program too. LOVE & Appreciation

  6. Carol says:

    I’ve been wanting to go to Africa for 30 years and I wish I could just go. 3000 dollars is a lot of money for a single 58 year old woman. Please email me so I might have options.
    Thanks again Carol

  7. sunil wanigatunga says:

    simple living with basic human values can reach any limits

  8. Frank says:

    Solidarity, charity and development with poor people in the Americas :))))

  9. mike says: (Kenya)

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