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When people think about becoming a life coach, they often think about the changes they’ll make in other peoples’ lives, or the financial wealth they’ll create through their new business.

But they often don’t realize that on top of the income and impact they experience, life coaches also develop a powerful set of skills, which help them in every aspect of their lives.

Skills You Develop As a Life Coach

Here are three of the skills that life coaches from Life Mastery Institute develop while working with their clients, and how they can impact your life.


1. You learn how to listen, understand and be heard

Anyone with the sense of hearing can listen to a person speak, and comprehend their words. But as a life coach, you’ll learn how to listen in a new and deeper way, so you can discover the meaning, the desires and the fears that are revealed through the way a person talks.

You’ll learn to understand them in a way that almost no one else does, so when they speak to you, they’ll feel heard, noticed and valued in a way that everyone longs for, but seldom experiences.

This will encourage them to be open with you, to trust you, and to take your opinions seriously, because they know that by understanding their feelings and their situation, and you aren’t just offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

And speaking of advice…

life coaching skills

2. You learn to help other people to achieve their goals

How often have you listened to someone who was struggling and upset, and wished you could say something more helpful than, “I’m sorry to hear that”?

As a life coach, you’ll learn how to discover the root of their problem, as well as what would truly make them happy. Because of this, you’ll be able to help them remove the source of their struggle, and create a life that brings them real, lasting joy.


3. You learn how to achieve your own goals

The Laws of Success that life coaches teach are like the Law of Gravity: no matter what you want to drop, all you have to do is apply enough gravity to it, and it will fall. And no matter what kind of dream or goal you have, the same invisible principles determine whether or not you’ll succeed.

Whether you want to attract the love of your life, build a 7-figure business, create a lifestyle full of fun and free time, or change a few million lives, you need to learn how to make the laws of the universe work in your favor. And as a Life Coach, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

Can you really do all that just by being a life coach?

All these skills can be honed while coaching your clients. But if you try to start alone and from scratch, it will take a very long time, and at first both you and your clients will get results slowly, if at all.

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Before you start your coaching practice, it’s vital to learn how to use the Laws of Success in your favor, and how to teach your clients to do the same.

You also must know how to enroll clients, how to handle the business side of your coaching practice, and how to help people discover their purposes, hopes and dreams.

If you don’t know how to do this, but you want to become a life coach, it’s time to get help. No one ever created a successful business all alone, and the people who accomplish big things with their lives don’t do that by reinventing the wheel.

Instead, they find mentors who have already done what they’re trying to do, and who have a proven, repeatable system that can be learned and used. I’ve created that kind of system for life coaches, and I can teach you how to build an impactful, 7-figure business that changes lives, while providing you with a lifestyle you love.

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67 Responses to Life-Changing Skills You Develop as a Life Coach

  1. I wish I can get the certificate cost it will help me and it will effect my career.

  2. landrez says:

    at age 19 I enterd crab tree Correctional facility I was terrified someone call my name it was uncle Rocky my mother’s youngest brother I had a normal stay boxing being safe a lot of people their were vultures uncle Rocky made sure I was safe I saw a lot of youngsters their in a year I was released I never forgot that or those youngsters I know that once these youngsters see my pictures from the old County jail to 2015 and what I say touches their insides they will change for the better and be productive members of our society by 70 percent

  3. Norris Mason says:

    For 30 years I have had a story to tell that I know will help others and change lives and I am know ready to tell that on the biggest stage possible.

  4. Michael Lowery says:

    I believe this my life’s goal..God has given me this door..want to help others..with a positive voice..telling my story to improve others life and relationships..

    • Moni says:

      I agree but by telling our story we let others know they are not alone. Our faith in who our God our what our culture is only keep believing in something positive and never give up. thanks

  5. Hi Mary. We may have crossed paths, as a Social Worker this will make it complete as a Life Coach ..!!

  6. Marie says:

    I see myself doing just that. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Donald Kornegay says:

    Hello. I am have come to believe that being a pastor and a life coach will make me a better person and to better help others

  8. Lusiana Tuisavura says:

    Hi Mary,
    From the first time I read of you I knew I wanted to do what you do. I’m sixty and still trying to pursue this lifelong dream of being a coach. I am stuck trying to unstuck myself from chains that life puts on me. This is not my first time trying to get with your program, I won’t give up I’ll keep trying. Thank you

  9. Esther Molina says:

    I love all your video presentations, it gives me hope on trying to find fulfillment in changing my career at the age of 60 and having my own business where I can work from the comfort of my home. I like the idea of becoming a Life Coach, love helping and teaching others. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Hi Mary. I am interested in becoming a life Coach. My earnest desire in life has always been helping people fulfill their long awaited dream and purpose in life. Mary, it is not by accident I am meeting you here. It is divinely designed. May I express my profound gratitude to you for the great work you are doing to impact the lives of people across the globe. I strongly believe this is my time; this is my moment to create a better world for myself and family. I am tired and sick of doing work that drains life out of me. I want to make things happen for people. I have the skills, potentials and talents to change and impact my world. Mary, I am willing to learn from you so that I can have a rewarding career and lucrative business.

    Once again thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you


    Samson Ogieva

  11. Cass says:

    I believe we have crossed paths for a reason.. thankyou:) for tge invite.

  12. Marcus says:

    This had to have been revealed to me by the forces of the universe, which could very well be responding to my inner calling for an answer to my greatest desire. -That desire is to find my purpose in life.
    Thanks for the opportunity to see if this is it! I’m moving forward, and taking action.

  13. Kathy Graham says:

    I would love To Become a coach to Help regalur people and disability people Out

  14. Eve says:

    Thank you I have always felt a calling towards life coaching and people have always come to me for inspiration and guidance all my life. My work is stressful and demanding and underpaid I would like a career change to spend more time with family and have more cash flow to fulfill my dreams. This sounds like it could be my route.

  15. Cristina says:

    Hi people you are awsome

  16. Debbie says:

    This seems almost like a “calling” and I am feeling as if I have to answer the call.

  17. Marg Hughes says:

    Hi Mary,
    I have wanted to be a Life Coach and seminar leader my whole life and developed my own course in the 70’s called “Lifeskills For Dynamic Living”. My greatest feeling of fulfillment and contentment comes when from having helped someone identify their dream or solve a problem. Finally at age 78, I found you. I hope its not too late.

  18. Robert Quigley says:

    I wasn’t even aware of what I was searching for but now I know. And come to find out it has been there my whole life, right in front of me. Even as a child I have found myself helping others rise above their problems and tribulations. Looking forward to becoming a lifecoach. Thank you.

  19. Camelia Frentoni says:

    Dear Mary,
    I feel I am living my life dream. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and I am happy and grateful to be one of those who can beneficiates from it. All my life I was so good – and still I am – in listening to people and helping them out; I feel I deserve an Oscar. But, when it comes to my life I feel I am lost.
    I am do ready to get in touch with you and helping me to found out that puzzle piece that I am looking for so long time.
    I enrolled myself for a couch session for Saturday. It is too late here – I live in Canada-Vancouver- to start a conversation.
    Thank you very much.

  20. Sherron says:

    Thanks Mary for all that you do for each and everyone who is searching. The support is sooo important in getting to where we need to be. I look forward to the next encounter and challenge. Thanks again Mary – Sherron

  21. TeresaE says:

    Thank you for this “peek” into your success Mary!
    And thank you for sharing it with us all.
    Your lifestory so resonates with me, I dropped from high school at 15, pregnant and married to a disastrous match. While I managed, at one point, to create a career for myself that made over 6 figures, that was nearly 20 years ago and the success has long since faded into a distant memory.
    Only recently has this calling come into my life. I doubt you would be shocked to learn it was after re-connecting with our Infinite Creator and the Laws of the Universe!
    Again, thank you Mary for sharing!

  22. perry says:

    Helping people has always being my drive, because one, it gives me joy at heart, but I easily get discouraged when people don’t get serious or turndown my offers of trying to help, especially people who obviously needs help. You are that mentor I need you to transform me first, before I can truely transform others…

  23. People ask me for help often. I try to empower them by pointing them to the resources I have plugged into. Many do suffer for a lack of knowledge. Life coaching sounds like the fit I’ve been looking for all along. Often find myself thinking of ways to help others.

  24. stacy j upchurch says:

    Hello Mary,
    I enjoyed your video. I found it very enriching, and I am now excited to speak with mentor, and get started.

  25. Becky says:

    Being a minister by calling, I feel this would be something I would love to do. I am 61 yrs young and I have devoted my life to the ministry. This does not bring in much income and only helps such a small group of people. Being a coach that could possibly reach a larger audience with the right tools would fulfill my dreams of helping people be successful.

  26. Yolanda says:

    I have been looking into life coaching for several months now. See, I came to a pivotal point in my life six years ago. I was assistant to planning directors of cities and assistant to vice presidents. But six years ago a Chevy Silverado ran a red light and T-boned my convertible at 60mph. He hit me so hard my car was airborne and I was D.O.A. I want to know why God left me here. I thought maybe it was for this but I don’t have any money. I live on disability. I don’t know how to make this happen

  27. Blanca says:

    Thanks you!!! People is comí galletitas to me all my life to avise them. I would like to help moré people. I thanks i want to be life coach.

  28. Montoria Richards says:

    I was so energized watching the video. It helped me to realize how the universe will synergistically connect us to our purposezg. All of my life, I have attracted people with broken spirits and would feel so overwhelmed because I felt trapped in a life quad mire myself So much so that I became reluctant to meet new people. But the interesting fact was that these people, (some were 7 figure income people) would always leave laughing, uplifted, and encouraged. This morning, after watching the video, I’ve received my Revelation. Thank you Mary for walking in your calling.

    Starting to live at 55

  29. Brenda says:

    I hear all the coaches on YouTube and I address some of the problems my friends have with the answers I get from YouTube. It’s very nice to be able to help friends with things that change their lives positively. I’d love to be a Life Coach!!!!

  30. Sarah Ramsey says:

    I “stumbled” onto this information and it caught my eye and my heart. I am a nurse who has worked mental health and hospice and been told I am a very compassionate person with a lot to give. I have recently retired and need something more challenging than housework to give my time to and to help others. Thanks for this opportunity!!!!

  31. Mary says:

    Comment already left above!

  32. Mary says:

    I love listening and talking to all types of people. I believe I have a special gift for this, and love helping people. One of my most important achievements was helping a friend who was actually happy to let her expensive counselor go after 17 years of him trying to help her. This is my life’s passion. The problem is, I have a very limited income, and need to know upfront what the fee would be for me to get started?

  33. Andra says:

    I absolutely love being a Mindset Coach 🙂 It’s truly one of the best jobs in the world!

  34. Patricia Ryals says:

    I am a Spiritual Healer and I often find that my patients need to be encouraged, motivated, inspired. I would like to be able to counsel them. Also, I have discovered that if you want to learn – TEACH! I think your courses could be very helpful to me in starting my business. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

  35. Cynthia Lazos says:

    Sounds great. I enjoy helping people. Always have. I hope I will be able to learn to be a Life Coach.

  36. Sr. Margaret says:

    I am a Roman Catholic nun. My very vocation implies helping others. My congregation reaches out to Youth. They are so vulnerable & need someone to help them discover God’s Project of Love for them. I would love to learn to be a Life Coach but I do not want to be paid for it. Also if this Life Coach training requires me to pay a fee or attend meetings I cannot do it. I can learn whatever you want to teach online. Do you think I fit your plan?

  37. Carol Murray says:

    I am 65 years young. I just got out of the hospital. The dr. Did a robotic hysterectomy. So I have to take it easy for the next few weeks. After that, I can start getting into this.

  38. Diane Watkins says:

    Thanks for your article. I have been searching within for awhile to discover my purpose and I believe I’ve discovered it. Being a Life Coach is the answer to my inner search. I’ve always counseled and advised women concerning issues which is my ministry but have never thought about getting paid for what I did. I’m so looking forward to speaking to a mentor concerning this. Thanks again Mary.

  39. Sylvia Hunt says:

    I am in week 4 of your program. I had this warm peaceful feeling come over me yesterday. I would love to become a life coach. I seem to have people gravitate to me for help in their lives. Not to long ago I owned a tea shop. I loved the interaction with clients. Teaching them about whole leaf tea. I am eagerly waiting for my mentor call. Thank you.

  40. M SMITH-MALLORY says:


  41. JANNETT White says:

    Thank you for sharing the comments..They were very motivational in helping me decide to move forward. I am 67 years young And have a desire to not only help others who are struggling in every area of their lives..but myself as well. I was a Social Worker in “another life..and nothing was more rewarding than finding Resources for my clients..not really monetary satisfaction. but my spirit was pleased.

    I know God has a purpose and a plan for this season of my life..prayerfully this is IT.

  42. Kathleen Washington says:

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to help people to grow into flowers. I was look for a field i can help people and have the best in life for me and my family.

  43. Neptalie says:

    I really dont know why until now I still think about how to help the needs of my loved ones and I feel sorry that I csnt help them withiut helping mysrlf first! I love to help other peopke in return I want ti be helped

  44. Tracy egeness says:

    This sounds like what I am looking for. I so want to get my own coaching gig. Working for large institutions have worn me down. I’m empathic and compassionate and have hope for our future. Maybe this is what I need.

  45. Lori says:

    I am very excited to have stumbled on to your site and your wonderful information about becoming a life coach. I have had this longing, this desire and this overwhelming feeling of not fulfilling the right things in my life to satisfy my burning desire for more……..yet never knowing what more was until now!! This is it! This is exactly what my inner self has been crying out to for years! I know this is it! I can feel it! Now I just hope that I can afford the cost of learning and growing my business from the best! Thank you for saving my life!!

    • Mary Morrissey says:

      Oh Lori! So happy to read your comments!
      It is the power within you that made you take your steps into your dream! We are here for you!
      Keep in touch!

    • Robin says:

      This is great news! You will succeed, Lori . I too . It’s my only hope right now. I’m waiting for a mentor to call Me!

  46. Noreen says:

    Wanting to learn more about this. Sounds interesting & fun!!

  47. heoen says:

    This,is it.i have so many people come to me for comfort snd help.i know this is it thank you thank you

  48. I am very interested in helping people and I find alot of people ask for my advice and it really does seem to help them. So learning more to help more would be great. And getting paid to do what I’ve already been doing sound good too.

    • Mary Morrissey says:

      Hi KRISTI… thank you for your interest.
      Stay tuned. One of our kind mentors will connect with you via email. Please watch your inbox!

      Here’s to your dreams!

  49. Sharon says:

    Thank you it sounds like something I would enjoy, it is also what I want in my life. I have looked at different jobs, and I am 60 years young, and not sure what I want to do. Helping people would be great. I am looking for a way to start a business.

    • Mary Morrissey says:

      Oh Sharon! Thank you for your comments!
      I hope you hear the complete story of my mom blueprinting and building her dreams at her 80’s!
      I will have one of our kind mentors connect with you so they can help you get clarity on what you want would love to accomplish. There are great ways to start!

      Stay tuned and watch your inbox!

      Here’s to your dreams!

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