One of the best ways to bring clients to your Life Coaching business is by sharing free information. But if you use these freebies incorrectly, you can actually convince your audience that they DON’T need to enroll in your programs.

Articles, videos, blog posts, webinars, tele-seminars… all of these are excellent ways to get peoples’ attention, show them your wisdom, and help them to realize that they need to work with you.

But if you use these freebies incorrectly, you can actually convince your audience that they DON’T need to enroll in your programs.

How can your free information be preventing people from buying from you?

Sometimes, when Life Coaches try to use freebies to attract their clients, they make two deadly mistakes: they say too much, AND they say too little.

They say too much when they give away so much milk that no one buys the cow.

Sometimes, coaches give their audiences so much knowledge that the viewers think they already have everything they need. They want to try out what you’ve already given them before they pay for more.

At that point, they’ll usually walk away. Maybe they’ll test your advice or maybe they’ll forget it, but either way, they probably WON’T remember to seek you out again once they’ve left the web page.

It’s important to strike while the iron is hot, and show your clients that they need to enroll while they’re still excited by the gift they’ve just received.

Sadly, many Life Coaches miss this opportunity by making the second mistake:

They say too little by not telling their clients what they’re still missing.

Imagine that you’re in a grocery store, and one of the employees says, “That carrot in your bag isn’t a whole meal. To get a whole meal, you need to buy this mystery box.”

Would you buy it? Of course not. You don’t know what’s in the box, why it’s better than the food you already have, or whether it’s worth the price.

The same is true in the coaching industry. Some coaches end their free samples with something along the lines of, “I just gave you some great information, but that isn’t the whole picture, and you won’t get your best results just from these freebies. To get the big picture, buy my product.”

On a few occasions, this will work. But most of the time, it will leave their audience unconvinced, and they’ll try to make progress with the samples alone because they don’t have a clear picture of what the paid product can offer them.

What should you do instead?

By all means, give your audience amazing information. But at the end of the article or video, paint a very clear picture in their minds of what they’re still missing, so they understand why the knowledge you just gave them isn’t enough. For example, you could say,

“Congratulations! Now you know how to determine your true purpose, and you know what you want to center your life around. But right now, I’d like you to take a moment to ask yourself: ‘Do I know how to center my life around my purpose? Do I know how to turn that purpose into a career, so I can make it a full-time occupation instead of just something I do on the side? Do I know how to make that career successful, so I don’t have to hold onto a job that isn’t what I’m passionate about?’

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘no’, I invite you to click this link to discover how you CAN make your true purpose and passion the center of your life.”

By helping them to see what they’re missing and giving them clear, simple instructions for filling that gap, you can inspire a greater percentage of your audience to hire you as their coach.

Do you know how to enroll the clients who click the links in your freebies?

Now that you know how to get people to click your links, do you know how to write sales pages, or have conversations that turn your leads into clients?

I do. In fact, I’ve built a 7-figure business by knowing how to enroll thousands of people into my coaching. And now, I want to teach you how to do the same thing.

If you’re tired of putting your expertise out there and getting few or no clients, please scroll up and fill out the form on the right, and my team will get in touch to see if I’m the right person to help you start getting big, exciting results.



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