shrugging woman can you be a life coach when life isn't perfect

The Answer Lies in These 3 Questions

Do you ever think about helping people as a life coach, but your inner critic keeps whispering things like:

  • “You can’t do that.”
  • “You aren’t rich.”
  • “You aren’t famous or successful.”
  • “You don’t have a perfect relationship.”
  • “You don’t have a lifestyle you really enjoy…”
  • “How can you think about teaching other people to build their ideal lives if you aren’t doing it yourself? What a hypocrite!”

It’s perfectly normal to have these types of thoughts as you lean into the idea of becoming a coach. One of the reasons why these thoughts are so common is because many of us have preconceived notions of what (or who) a life coach is supposed to be.

We imagine that all life coaches lead perfect lives,  drawing in huge crowds on stage, delivering flawless talks, dressing in designer clothes, living in beautiful homes, driving luxury cars and marrying perfect spouses.

After all, if they’re qualified to teach others how to create extraordinary lives, they must have it all, right?

Wrong. In fact, some of the most successful coaches I know are the first to admit that they’re lives are far from perfect.

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You don’t have to live a perfect life to be a life coach and make a profound, meaningful impact on the lives of others

To help you understand why, I’ve answered some of the most common questions I get from people who are thinking about becoming a life coach, but afraid that they don’t have what it takes…

  1. “Are the principles of success invalid or useless if I haven’t fully used them myself?”

Think of it this way… If an architect hasn’t designed his own dream home yet, but he’s good at designing houses and he knows it, is he going to quit? Or will he take the knowledge he has, which he KNOWS is useful and effective, and use it to help other people to create the homes of their dreams?

The same is true for life coaches. In fact, coaches who are authentic and honest about the services they’re able to provide their clients – as well as those they are not – can make an even greater impact on the lives of the people they teach. An authentic coach is going to gain their clients’ trust more easily and build stronger (and longer) relationships with the people they serve.

life coaching when life isn't perfect

  1. “I’m not happy all the time, so that automatically disqualifies me from coaching others, right?”

Absolutely not! Most life coaches aren’t happy all the time because, just like you and me, they’re human. What makes a great coach is someone who recognizes that life always has its ups and downs and has personal experience navigating life’s challenges.

Personal development and transformation is all about growth. As a coach, it’s your job to help your clients stay on the green growing edge of becoming – knowing that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than we realize. When you approach your own coaching business from a growth mindset, your clients will feel a deeper connection, knowing that you’re both growing together.

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  1. “Did anyone ever become successful by waiting until they were perfect?”

If you wait for perfection, you’ll always be in a state of waiting. Because again, transformation is about continuous growth. It’s about celebrating your wins, gaining the confidence to strive for more and always aiming to exceed your best. With a growth mindset, perfection doesn’t exist. Progress, not perfection, is the goal.

I’m Not Sure I Have the Confidence to Be a Successful Coach

Successful people don’t wait until they become successful to start creating success. They start from where they are, and improve along the way. They also understand that there’s never a perfect time to start something new. Sure, the idea of jumping right in to a new venture might seem scary at first, but we actually learn the most when we do the things we are most afraid to do.

“But how can I teach others to become successful if I don’t know how myself?”

Again, you don’t have to already be a success to teach others how to become successful. Some of the most impactful coaches out there are the ones who are committed to their own personal development and growth. There’s something truly remarkable about a coach who can grow and learn along with their clients.

Coaches who are learning as they teach success principles are incredibly compassionate towards their clients because they can relate to them more easily and they’re passionate about what they do because it’s personal.

There are several key components to becoming a successful, difference-making life coach, and being perfect is not one of them. I know this from personal experience…

I’ve been exactly where you may be right now. I’ve been afraid, unsure of myself and I’ve doubted whether or not I would succeed as a life coach. But one thing I never doubted – not for one single second – was whether or not I wanted to answer my calling to help others create lives they absolutely love.

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Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

If you also feel called to help others, and you think life coaching might be for you, I encourage you to sign up for a free strategy session with one of our highly-trained team members to find out if you have what it takes to become a life coach.

During your strategy session, you’ll also receive an exclusive business-building blueprint to help set you up for success as a heart-centered, impactful life coach.

And as a fun bonus, in case you were wondering about how ridiculous the quest for perfection really is, it’s what makes the biting satire from comedian and actual life coach, JP Sears, so funny. If you’ve not yet seen, How to Be a Life Coach – Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 36, take a look and you’ll see just how deep these preconceived notions of what a life coach is and does go.

7 Responses to Can You Be a Life Coach Even if Your Own Life Isn’t Perfect?

  1. Teka Mecha says:

    I am ready to take a life coaching

  2. Barry F Sandt says:

    I have over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience as an owner of small business in the fine jewelry industry! It’s time to share my multitude of life and business experiences!

  3. Barbara Wilkerson says:

    This intrerst me greatly and everything you touched on is very true! I might add ,one other thing that hangs me up is I’m very dedicated to my training in Martial Arts.
    On the counter, I CERTAINLY and gratefully continue to learn and grow daily. Is is possible to do both?

  4. Elretha Perkins says:

    I’ve got a lot of experience about life’s ups and downs.

  5. I have taken college courses in life coaching and Christian counseling also I am licensed minister I encourage people by the way of Facebook since 2014

  6. Kellie Scott says:

    I want to learn what it takes to be a Life Coach!

  7. Kellie Scott says:

    Yes I am ready to take a Go for Life Coaching!

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