Coach Clients While You’re Vacationing In Paris, Running A Marathon Across The Great Wall Of China, Or From Anywhere Else In The World You Choose

Would you love to have the freedom to coach clients from anywhere in the world you choose? Perhaps from your favorite coffee shop, while sitting with your feet up at a beach, or while visiting family out of town?

One of the most amazing benefits of being a life coach, one of the fastest growing industries in the world, is that, in addition to helping other create lives they truly love living, you can design your business around the exact lifestyle you want – and this includes working from where you like!

Life Coaches are Perfectly Suited to Work and Thrive Remotely

Life Coaching is my Dream Career

One of my very favorite stories that perfectly illustrates the location freedom that comes with being a life coach was told to me by Jeanette, one of the coaches we’ve certified through Life Mastery Institute.

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One of Jeanette’s life coaching clients had a big dream of running a marathon on the Great Wall of China…

Jeanette supported her client in transforming her dream of running this marathon into reality.

As the marathon got closer and closer, the client asked Jeanette, “If I paid for your plane ticket, is there any way you could come and run the marathon on the Great Wall of China with me?”

Jeanette thought of how unique and fun traveling to China and taking part in her client’s dream would be, and so she decided she wanted to do it!

Even though Jeanette had a calendar full of coaching appointments, she was able to coach all of her clients from the other side of the world while having one of the greatest and most meaningful experiences of her life.

Another life coach we’ve certified at Life Mastery Institute temporarily relocated to another city to be closer to family when her sister fell ill. She was able to spend quality time with her family, support her sister, and still coach her clients and make a difference in their lives.

And another coach from Life Mastery Institute has told me that one of her favorite things about having the location freedom she does is being able to travel for the holidays before it gets really busy and the flight prices spike!

location freedom beach

Here are two simple but highly-effective ways to experience greater location freedom through your life coaching business

The first step to location freedom

Step #1 is to ask yourself the same question you encourage your clients to ask:

“Forget about what you think you can do, or what circumstances may tell you is possible… what would I love?”

Really allow yourself to step into the vision you have of your business and your life. If you had greater location freedom in your life coaching business, what would you be doing? Where would you go? What would your life look like?

Would you spend time in Paris? Would you go visit your grandkids? Allow yourself to create a specific, vivid vision of what you would love, just like you support your clients in doing.

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Step #2 to creating greater location freedom

Step #2 to creating greater location freedom in your life coaching business is to begin sourcing ideas for how to turn your vision of what you would love into reality.

Many of us have the tendency to just shut down when we can’t see beyond what we know how to do, or can’t see a way to attain what we want.

You may be used to meeting clients in person, for example, and so you may think, “Well, I’d love to work from Paris for the summer, but I can’t see how I’d do that and still serve my clients in a meaningful way.”

But the limiting “I don’t know how to do that” mindset is what keeps us stuck in the same patterns, creating the same results for ourselves, over and over.

In reality, it’s actually quite easy logistically to work from Paris, or wherever you’d love to work from. You can coach your clients, even on group calls, via phone or Skype. You can also pre-record webinars, lessons, or other content that can be played by clients at any time!

location freedom ideas

So standing in your vision of what you would love, write down every idea that comes to you for how to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be – working with total location freedom, from anywhere you want, on any schedule that suits you.

Let the ideas flow and write them all down, rather than trying to edit your thoughts, and then once you’re done, review all of your ideas to see which ones you can start actually putting into action!

And now, here’s a free life coaching business resource for you!

For step-by-step tools and proven strategies for how to start and grow a highly successful life coaching business that can provide complete location freedom, should you desire to work remotely or work while you travel, while making a profound and lasting difference in the lives of others, download my free ebook, Are You Meant To Be a Life Coach? >>

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  1. Dean says:

    How do you find clients. I believe that this would work for me and have been told this by others too

  2. Russell says:

    I am on a computer that does not allow someone to download the book. So could you please mail it to me?

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