As you know, you get more of what you focus on, so people with self-doubt or an inner voice of criticism will have a harder time bringing their dream into reality.

For your clients who are really struggling with this, use this technique to help them.

Make a date with your doubt

And it means exactly that! You can coach them to cut back on letting doubt run their lives by inviting them to make an appointment with it at 3 o’clock for ten minutes. And that will be the time they can consider all those thoughts.

So when the negative thoughts and doubt come up during the day, you advise them to tell themselves, “Thanks, but I have an appointment with you at 3 o’clock.”

This will free your client to focus on their vision, their positive action, and the gifts that life is bringing them that they would otherwise miss if the old tapes of negativity were constantly playing.

And when 3 o’clock comes, they can indulge the doubt all they want.

Eventually, the doubt will become much less of an influence in their thinking as they gain practice in controlling their thoughts. But for someone whose mind is a runaway train, this will really help!

2 Responses to Make a Date with Your Doubt – Coaching Strategy

  1. Wanda Falu says:

    Very much like the concept or idea of making an appointment to confront your negative emotion and purposely changing your mind.Epic!what your mind thinks your body will follow .

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