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Six powerful sales techniques that will help you serve your clients with love and care, and generate more income in your life coaching business!

NOTE FROM MARY: Today, I have a guest post for you by Jennifer Jimenez. Not only is Jennifer my daughter, she’s also the Chief Innovation Officer for my company Life SOULutions That Work, a trainer here at Life Mastery Institute, and she’s the conscious dance maven behind recently launched, Vibrant Healthy Living, where she’s a health & wellbeing industry leader. Today, Jennifer shares six proven sales techniques that you can use to grow your life coaching business! Also, my life coaching certification webinar is coming up if you’ve not signed up yet! See you soon 🙂

Hi everyone, Jennifer Jimenez here 🙋🏼‍♀️

As a professional speaker, teacher and certified coach who worked successfully in sales for 15 years, I’ve found there are several sales techniques that work time and time again when it comes to connecting with potential clients, and enrolling them into a program with you.

These proven sales techniques are perfect if you’re a life coach looking to build or expand your business. These techniques also great strategies to pass on to your life coaching clients to help them grow their own entrepreneurial endeavors, too!

Before I dive in, the most important thing to remember about sales is that selling is really serving. You help yourself most when your intention is truly to help the person you’re selling to. If you are sincerely serving that person at the highest level, you’re much more likely to make the sale, bottom line!

To really illustrate just how effective these sales techniques are, I want to tell you a story about the time my husband and I unexpectedly bought a $10,000 mattress.

One day, on our way home from the gym, my husband and I decided on a whim to go mattress shopping. We were both sweaty and gross, in workout clothes, and with our hair sticking out every which way! I certainly didn’t have my designer purse on me or anything like that. We just kind of wandered into the mattress store.

Despite our disheveled appearance, The saleswoman working that day was so kind and welcoming to us! She still greeted us like we both looked like a million bucks. And because of this we were immediately on board to hear what she had to say.

This brings me to…

SUPER SALES TECHNIQUE #1: Don’t prejudge your prospect

It’s simple: in order to truly serve your prospect, you have to make them feel 100% welcome.

We all know the saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and this is a golden rule for sales.

Do not dismiss a prospective client or customer because of how they look under any circumstances.

People are far more powerful and contain so much more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition… or than how they might physically appear at a given time!

SUPER SALES TECHNIQUE #2: Be enthusiastic!

sales technique hug

Energy and enthusiasm are contagious. The prospects and clients you interact with can feel your energy, and they will be much more interested in what you have to say if you are exuding positive energy.

The great news is that you always get to choose what mood you’re going to be in!

So watch your energy carefully and choose to be in an uplifting mood.

Meet and greet people in your life from that high vibrational state of enthusiasm, love, joy and appreciation for this day. This energy will transfer over to them, I promise.

This saleswoman at the mattress store went above and beyond on this front. She was in the best mood and wore a big, bright smile on her face. You could tell she was genuinely loving life, and honestly, I don’t know if I would have been in that good a mood if I worked in a mattress store day in and day out.

But you know what? She was just high on life, and this is so, so important. My husband and I absolutely wanted to engage with her and because I was sold on her as a person, I was open to being sold a mattress by her.

SUPER SALES TECHNIQUE #3: Be curious and highly interested in your prospect

Now this is a big one because it is at the heart of truly serving your client or customer, not just selling to them.  

In all sales, and especially with your life coaching business, it’s so important to genuinely care about and connect with your current or prospective clients.

How can you be more curious about who they are and what drives them? What are they interested in, what are their lifestyles, their longings and discontents? What are their greatest goals and dreams?

Next, think about your services or products.

What can you give to them? How can what you have to offer elevate and improve their lives?

The mattress saleswoman asked us a lot of questions and took the time and energy to really hear us. Instead of just launching into selling a mattress, she got to know us, asking us about who we were and what our lives looked like.

Do we have children? What kind of work do we do? How many hours of sleep do we get and how well do we sleep?

The transaction is always about the prospect, and she made it all about us and our needs.

SUPER SALES TECHNIQUE #4: Have FLOW energy, not PUSH energy

When you’re introducing people to your products or services, don’t be pushy. Instead of trying to rush or force a sale, try practicing patience through the entire interaction, letting the conversation flow naturally and comfortably.

If your intention is really to serve someone, there’s no need to pressure them on any front.

No need to be like Leeching Larry…

The mattress saleswoman my husband and I dealt with the day we were at the mattress store was SO patient with us, letting us explore all of the options without trying to push a particular mattress on us.

My husband insisted on lying down on every last mattress, going back and forth about which ones he liked and didn’t and why. I mean, I get it – we spend half our lives in bed and a new mattress can be a big investment! But even I was getting a little irritated with him 😉

The saleswoman, on the other hand, just went with the flow, letting us take our time and giving us information at our own pace without overwhelming us. And at this point we were well on our way to buying a mattress from her!

SUPER SALES TECHNIQUE #5: Be highly knowledgeable about your products or services

sales techniques woman sleeping

It may seem obvious, but you’ve got to actually know the product or service you’re selling inside and out.

And you need to know it on two levels: first, the tangible nuts and bolts, and second, the greater benefits and positive outcomes of using your product or service.

How can you truly make your client or customer’s life better? And how can you become more knowledgeable about your product or service so you can articulate to your customer how their life will vastly improve when they opt in?

The mattress saleswoman knew so much about the actual physical mattress features – the springs, the memory foam, the coils – but she could also explain how they would actually impact our lives.

The benefits of a great mattress and therefore getting a better night’s sleep include having more energy, being a better mother, having better sex, and so on.

Some of the most enjoyable, fun purchasing experiences for me have been the result of a salesperson just really knowing their stuff and sounding educated about it. Whether I’m buying a transformational coaching product or a new car (or a mattress!), knowledge and confidence will always help seal the deal.

SUPER SALES TECHNIQUE #6: Try to find the absolute best fit

If you’ve done everything else right – asked all the right questions, gained as much knowledge as possible – the final step to making your offer and closing the sale is to find the best fit for your prospect.

What is it that they need and how will it serve them in their life?

You’re going to know at this point which of your products or services is a good fit. And when you’ve determined it, make your offer with confidence, conviction and enthusiasm.

Before they have a chance to say yes or no, don’t double-back and offer a less expensive but poorer fitting product, and be mindful not to talk too much and actually dissuade them. If there’s a long pause, let it be there. Give your prospective buyer the chance to say “Yes!”

Now, let me tell you about the $10,000 mattress…

There it was, in all of its glory, among others the saleswoman at the mattress store showed us. It was the Rolls Royce of mattresses. The saleswoman told us all about the durability, that they practically last a lifetime, how well it’s made and how it would provide the us with the best sleep ever.

And then she gave us time to really lie down on the mattress and experience it. And you know what? We fell in love with it! She also didn’t try to talk us out of it or provide a cheaper alternative.

She had done everything else right up to this point and that’s how she was able to offer us a product that was perfect for us with confidence and ease – without doubting herself in the process.

Remember, selling is serving!

sales technique handshake

Needless to say, we bought that $10,000 mattress on the spot. We still own it today and it’s honestly one of the best buying decisions we’ve ever made. I could go on and on about how comfortable it is and how much it actually has changed our lives for the better. I’m better rested so I’m a better wife, parent and life coach. I’m healthier, happier, and more productive!

But the real point is that it was a wonderful purchase, an investment, because we felt served. It was an investment in ourselves, in our well being, and our saleswoman helped us see that.

So when you have love for each and every prospect that you work with, they feel cared about and they feel heard. And that’s why they’re able to leave a transaction having invested $10,000 or however much and feel a total increase in energy. Because your enthusiasm and your care are contagious!

When you sell to serve, it’s truly a win-win for both parties, which is what selling is really all about. I couldn’t be happier with my $10,000 mattress, and I’m sure the saleswoman was just as stoked about her huge commission!

Now just one last thing

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