Yes, but not the kind of degree you’re thinking of…

Here are Examples of 3 Highly-Successful Life Coaches Who Have Made a Profound and Lasting Difference in the Lives of Others, And All Without a Formal Degree

Have you ever wondered if you need a degree of some kind to be a life coach?

As you may be aware, life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, and this growth is happening all around the world!

But what kind of education do you need to become a successful life coach?

How to Know if Becoming a Life Coach is Right for You


To answer this question, let’s explore the path that three highly-successful speakers, authors and coaches took to arrive at where they are today – helping many people all around the world, and doing work that they find personally rewarding and fulfilling!

Each of these people have their own unique (and sometimes unlikely) background, as well as their own amazing life coaching success story!

One of the most successful speakers, coaches and authors in the field of personal development is my dear friend, Bob Proctor, star of the hit film “The Secret.”

bob proctor and mary morrissey

Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey

Bob didn’t graduate from high school. In fact, he only completed two months of high school!

He entered into his field with zero formal education, and told me that he never saw himself as a particularly smart person.

But when Bob began studying and applying transformational principles with the help of a mentor, and became astounded by how these principles impacted his life, he discovered his passion for helping others transform their lives, too.

In building his own coaching and mentoring business, Bob developed the true qualities of an entrepreneur, and became one of the most successful life coaches ever in the history of personal and professional development.

And again, no formal education in the traditional sense. No college degree. But even still, by following his passion for helping others, he’s impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide!

Jennifer Jimenez chose to pursue her passion, instead of going to college.

jennifer jimenez life coach

Jennifer Jimenez teaching at Life Mastery Institute Training.

My daughter Jennifer Jimenez is the founder of Vibrant Healthy Living, a company dedicated to helping women step into their full power and live their healthiest, most vibrant and radiant lives.

From a very young age, Jennifer was passionate about the arts.

When she graduated from high school, rather than follow suit with the rest of her classmates and head off to college, Jennifer decided that she wanted to pursue a career in dance.

need a college degree to life coach

As an 18-year-old, she packed up and moved to New York City and later, to Mexico, to study this art form.

She never obtained a formal college degree…

But her passion for inspiring women to live their freest, fullest and most passionate lives led her to become a very successful coach and mentor, developing programs and retreats under her Vibrant Healthy Living brand. She even incorporates dance into some of her programs and at her live events!

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Tony Robbins originally worked as a janitor…

tony robbins life coach

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur and life coach.

Like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins is one of the most successful and influential authors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and life coaches in history.

Tony describes his upbringing as chaotic and abusive. He left home and moved out on his own at the young age of 17.

With no means to attend college, he supported himself by working as a janitor.

Rather than allow the circumstances dictate the path he would take in life, Tony read personal development books, listened to inspirational audio tapes and eventually began working with mentors who could help him grow and develop as a person.

You could say he ended up earning a different kind of degree – a degree in self-confidence, transformation and the necessary boldness to serve others and help transform the world.

Tony has since helped millions of people all over the world create extraordinary results in all areas of their lives, and he’s become unbelievably successful as a result!

do i need a degree to life coach

None of the life coaches I’ve just told you about have a college degree…but they ALL have a degree in knowing how transformation occurs.

If having post-secondary education calls to you, you can absolutely pursue it!

But as you can see from the examples I just shared with you, without one, you can still make a lasting and profound difference in the world as a heart-centered, transformational life coach.

What’s most important to your success, and to the success of the people you want to help, is that you believe in yourself and in the power within you that’s far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition.

Also, having a mentor and surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people will accelerate your personal and professional growth!

It’s widely considered one of the greatest life coaching basics to have a sturdy support system as your building your business and become the best coach you can be.

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is life coaching right career video series


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5 Responses to Do You Need a Degree to Be a Life Coach?

  1. I want to be a Life Coach and Mentor..

  2. Rebecca Crites says:

    Hello Mary, My name is Becca.Im a wife,Mother,retired and bored. I have worked retail,insurance,and teacher assistant.I loved retail,enjoyed working with people. However I hated the nights and weekends and interfering with your family time. A friend got me into insurance business. Good hours and enjoyed teaching, helping clients,but I loved do to having 2 daughters that are teachers I became a teacher assitant. Loved working with the children, watching them learn and grow. Several years,ago I joined a direct sales business which has been in business for 45 yrs.but were in only a few states and Canada. We were retiring and moving to Tn.a state were this sales company only had a few reps. I thought it would be a way to meet new people,have fun,and earn a little extra income. I’ve never gotten the business going here, I return to Ohio to do events. My other reason for wanting to do this was to connect with women and tell my daughters story to help women realize their value, PRICELESS! Hoping to let that word sink into their being, so they understand how important it is to do breast self exams. Our daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 27. She had fought this beast for 23 years. Though she discovered her lump herself, it had grown and did spread to 2 lymph nodes. She was cancer free for 7 yrs.but of course it began to spread. We took her to the Mayo clinic for treatment and was told she would only survive 3-5 yrs. She surprised all the workers in the field by being in the less then 1% that had survived 23 yrs.Staying strong! I wanted to impress that though the medical industry can’t seem to find a cure, every woman can realize her value and learn the importance of supporting each other in being aware and in control of their own health. In Tennessee and I’m now realizing in other areas also, there is a buddy check system. Ladies pick a buddy to remind and encourage her buddy to do a self check a certain day each month. In Tennessee it is even talked about on News Stations. Example: Channel 10
    Buddy Check 10 on 10th day of the month. I want to get the home decor business going, I want to meet people in my new state and I want to find a fun, way to present this buddy check system to as many women as I can reach. Our value is Priceless! If ladies detect it early they can survive. Our daughter lost her fight a few weeks ago and I so want to honor her by teaching and in powering them to know their value and thus care for themselves. We need to be the cure! So I need to learn a tactful, fun, lighthearted way to successfully be a transformationAL life coach. The direct sales business I’m in will get me started with several thousand women. I just need to learn how to get started,overcome my fears, have a support system. Thank your for your patience in reading this.

    • Mary Morrissey says:

      Hi Becca,

      Thanks for sharing your story! Would love for you to take the video training here to see what adding life coaching to your work would look like! We believe life coaching is a sacred calling, and love supporting our clients in stepping into what they were born to do. Also feel free to reach out to our Client Care team at with specific questions about anything 🙂 Big hugs to you, Becca!

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