Here’s Precisely How Offering Group Coaching Sessions Can Empower You To Serve Your Clients And Scale Your Life Coaching Business

When most people think of what life as a life coach looks like, they think of a coach sitting across from a client at the client’s home or a coffee shop, the two of them deep in conversation about the client’s challenges, goals and dreams.

But did you know that coaching clients in a group setting may actually be the more effective way to serve more people… and grow your coaching business?

After investing the last 40 years into studying, applying and coaching others in the art and science of transformation, I can tell you that there are several ways to powerfully serve your clients.

How to become a life coach

Some clients will prefer one-on-one coaching sessions with you, so that they can have your undivided, personal attention.

But other clients will be open, and even very excited, at the idea of participating in group coaching sessions with you and your other clients!

Top three benefits of offering group sessions to your client

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GROUP COACHING BENEFIT #1: Clients have greater camaraderie

In group coaching sessions, clients often find that even despite vastly different life experiences, they share many of the same patterns, paradigms, fears and blocks – as well as comparable passion about their goals and dreams!

So as they work through transforming these areas of their life, they have much more camaraderie with another than they would just working with you.

There is also greater accountability in group coaching sessions, and clients often discover and cultivate amazing bonds with other clients and end up forming accountability partnerships.

Having a “partner in believing,” as I like to call it, is one of the most important keys to long-term growth and success!

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GROUP COACHING BENEFIT #2: Clients’ growth is multiplied

One of the wonderful things about offering group coaching sessions is that your clients don’t just learn from you, they learn from each other!

Listening to one another’s experiences and offering each other feedback can actually help your clients experience breakthroughs more quickly.

Why? Because they’re witnessing firsthand how others are applying the transformational principles you teach to their lives – and this accelerates the rate at which they will overcome their own challenges and move toward their goals and dreams!

GROUP COACHING BENEFIT #3: You can scale your business more quickly

When you coach in groups, you can actually serve a much higher volume of clients this way, which can help you double your coaching business or more so that you can help even more people!

Offering group sessions also frees up your schedule.

Instead of having back to back individual coaching sessions booked into your calendar, you can instead have a handful of group sessions that serve even more clients… which means you’ll be well rested and will bring your absolute best to every group session!

Start a life coaching business you love

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Being heart-centered is still necessary and possible in a group coaching setting

So long as you’re coaching from a place of dedication and love, you’ll continue to attract clients and create a thriving, difference-making coaching business.

As a heart-centered coach with a passion for what you do, you’re going to make an impact on many, many lives regardless of whether you offer one-on-one or group coaching, or a mixture of both.

The most important thing to remember is that you can structure your coaching business to serve the type of client and support the kind of lifestyle you desire.

If you prefer to sit down one-on-one with clients, you can do that! If you’d like to build your business around a group coaching model, you can do that too!

Or, like my coaching business, you can coach clients individually and in a group setting.

Structure your life coaching business as you’d most love for it to be. You can’t help others create lives they truly love living, if you don’t truly love your own!

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