Are you interested in becoming a life coach? Or are you already a certified life coach, and wondering if you should focus on serving one particular niche of clients?

When it comes to life coaching, there are many niches of that you could choose to focus on serving, for example: business executives, single moms or dads, or people who are looking to make a career transition or retirees.

You can choose to serve one particular niche if it’s one that you’re passionate about or already have experience in…

But you can still have an extremely successful life coaching business WITHOUT pigeonholing yourself into just one niche.

I’ve spent the last 40+ years teaching transformational principles to individual clients, small groups and in front of thousands of people, live from stage.

And throughout it all, I have never restricted myself to serving just one particular niche of clientele. I’ve coached moms, professors, heads of the United Nations, political leaders — all kinds of different people!

The common thread is, first of all, everybody wants more LIFE.

Each and every one of us wants more life. Every person you meet wants more life. Every executive you would work with, every single mom, every married mom, every person, wants more life.

That said, there are four criteria that I require in order to work with a life coaching client

CRITERIA #1: They are heart-centered

I want to work with someone who is heart-centered — they care not just about themselves, but they also care about something bigger than themselves. They care about leaving an impact, fulfilling a purpose, creating something positive… so, I only work with people who have a dream or a goal.

CRITERIA #2: They have a dream

My ideal life coaching client is someone who has a goal or dream — something they want to be, do, have or create that isn’t a part of their current reality. If this goal or dream is one that will cause them to stretch themselves… and if achieving it will enhance their life, and the lives of those around them… thank it’s a worthy dream to pursue.

However, I also love to work with people who know they want something different for their life but haven’t yet uncovered their dreams.

CRITERIA #3: They are willing to be coached

An ideal client is one who is willing to be coached. They want to create different results in their lives, and they recognize that coaching from a certified life coach will help them get to where they want to go.

I only want to work with people who are growth-seeking individuals, and who are yearning for, and willing to follow, the guidance of a qualified mentor who genuinely cares about their success and happiness.

CRITERIA #4: They are willing to invest in themselves

Occasionally, you’ll meet potential clients who are interested in coaching, but don’t see the value in investing in themselves. They are content to merely dream about a better life, rather than invest in making it happen for themselves.

An ideal client is someone who is willing to invest in themselves by investing in a program with me.

When it comes to your life coaching business, you can choose to serve a specific niche of clients, if this is what resonates with you

Or, you can follow in my footsteps and serve those who are heart-centered, have a dream (or are wanting to explore the possibilities), are coachable and who are willing to invest in themselves. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

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