Have A Potential Client Asking You What Your Life Coach Pricing Structure Is? Here are 3 Important Questions to Ask Clients Before You Share Pricing Details

Most of us have the worldview that what we want depends on how much that thing or experience costs.

Or in other words, we believe that we have to be able to afford something in order to truly desire it.

But after 40 years coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people all over the world in how to create lives they truly love living, I can tell you that highly successful people do NOT share this worldview.

At Life Mastery Institute, we know that highly successful people determine what they desire most in life, before ever considering cost, and then decide which investments are worthwhile for attaining what they want.

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When someone makes the decision to hire a life coach, for example, they’re making a very real investment in their greatest dreams – and you can explain this to potential clients before ever discussing your life coaching pricing structure.

I also used to believe that what I wanted was was determined by how much it cost, until I met my mentor, Jack Boland

Years ago, I travelled across the country to hear a man named Jack Boland speak, because he was experiencing a level of success in an industry I was building my own business in – life coaching.

At the time, my business was very small compared to his, and I’d really been struggling with how to grow it to the level I wanted so that I could help even more people.

I knew some kind of block or limiting belief was holding me back, but I didn’t know exactly what it was or how to overcome it.

I intuitively knew that Jack could help me break through and grow my business exponentially.

At Jack’s event, I managed to get his attention for a few minutes and begged him to have breakfast with me the next morning

There must have been something in my earnestness because he said he couldn’t have breakfast but he agreed to coffee with me, but only for 30 minutes. He was a very busy man.

The next morning, we sat down in a booth at the hotel restaurant and he said, “How can I help you?”

I said, “I want to do what you’re doing.”

Jack very frankly said, “Okay, I can help you with that. But it’s going to cost you.”

My whole body tightened and constricted. I said, “How much??”

jack boland mary morrissey story

He said, “What does that have to do with what you want?”

I was supremely confused. I said, “Of course how much something costs has to do with what I want! I have to know how much it’s going to cost before I know if I can have it!”

Then, Jack said something that changed my entire life forever…

He said,

“That’s your problem. Instead, you need to decide what you want first. Then you figure out the price of it. You can’t let the price of something determine if you really want it.”

He continued,

“You said you want the kind of success I’m having. The moment I said there’s a price tag for it, you wanted to know the price. But you don’t really want to know the price. You want to know what my mentorship will do for you, because then you’ll know what you’re actually investing in.”

So I heard him out, and when I understood the investment and value at hand, I decided to work with him. And doing so is responsible for much of the success I’ve had in life.

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What To Say to Potential Clients Before Presenting Your Life Coach Pricing Structure

When you’re speaking with potential clients, it’s very important to help them gain a clear sense of what they’d most love to be, do and have in their life before you discuss the investment necessary to work with you.

If you’re speaking to someone who just wants to keep jumping ahead and asking about the price for your services, you can politely say, “You know what? We will get to the price momentarily, but the price hardly matters if you don’t have a clear sense of what you’d love, that you’d like my help attaining.”

So to help your potential clients discover what they really want, ask them the following 3 evocative coaching questions (learn more about evocative coaching here: https://www.lifemasteryinstitute.com/blog/ask-10-evocative-questions/) before discussing your life coach pricing structure.

QUESTION #1: What would you LOVE?

life coaching pricing

Ask your potential client to vividly describe a life they’d absolutely love living. What does it look like? What are they doing with their time?

Your potential client may have several dreams that spring to mind in various areas of their life… and this is great! The more detailed and specific a picture they can paint of a life they’d love, the better.

Or, they may simply say,

“I don’t know exactly what I want, but I just know I want more out of life.”

And that’s great too.

QUESTION #2: How much have you wanted this change in your life… and what is it COSTING you to not make it?

life coaching pricing structure

This question is so important because it helps your potential client identify and feel the pain of being stuck where they are.

Many people, most people in fact, want to change their lives. They mean to change their lives. But they just simply don’t change their lives.

And you know what? There can be a massive cost to that.

You want them to really feel that feeling of “stuckness.”

Invite them to imagine what it would feel like if they let this feeling of being stuck continue for another two, five or 10 years… and then help them see that as a coach, you can absolutely help them get unstuck!

I’ve worked with people who for 25 years have wanted the love of their life or have wanted to change the weight they’re carrying, or have wanted to start their own business.

And I began by helping all of them see what it is costing them to not to create results in these areas.

QUESTION #3: Imagine you have everything you truly desire in life… what would that be WORTH to you?

Ask your potential client this question, and they’ll more than likely say something like, “It’d be worth everything!”

Or perhaps even,

“Oh, I can’t put a price on that.”

When they answer this question, your job is to then reiterate that of course you can’t put a price on the results they’d love to have in their life. There simply is no price on someone’s greatest happiness!

The potential client you’re talking to will know this deep down, but it’s important for you to help them consciously acknowledge this truth, because as their life coach, you can absolutely help them get to where they want to be!

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Taking Pride in Your Pricing Structure

Be proud of your services and your life coach pricing structure, because what you provide your clients is worth every penny invested… and so much more.

I invite you to take immense pride in discussing your life coaching services with potential clients, because what you can offer them by means of working with you is truly priceless.

You’re helping them transform their dreams into their living, breathing reality!

And know that you’re not being evasive by discussing their desires before you discuss your life coach prices.

Until your potential clients have a clear idea of what they’d truly love to create in their lives, and what it would be worth to them to have these results, you can’t accurately frame the value of the difference life coaching will make available to them.

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