Follow These Powerful Sales Success Techniques to Close More Deals, Serve More Clients and Grow Your Business with Integrity

As Enrollment Director at Life Mastery Institute, and as someone who’s worked successfully in sales for over 25 years, I’ve found that there are three top keys in sales that work time and time again when it comes to connecting with potential clients, and enrolling them to invest.

These three proven sales keys are perfect if you’re a life coach looking to build or expand your business, a professional wanting to up-level your skills or a consultant with the desire to grow. These techniques are also great strategies to pass on to your life coaching clients to help them grow their own entrepreneurial endeavors!

Before I dive in, the most important thing to remember about sales is that selling is really serving. You help yourself most when your intention is to truly help the person you’re selling to. If you’re sincerely serving that person at the highest level, you’re much more likely to make the sale, bottom line!

Sales Success – Top 3 Keys

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top three keys to sales success.

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1. Don’t judge any opportunity.

Your role in sales is to present your services, find out what the problem is, and ask for the sale when you know you can really help someone. Your role does not include judging the opportunity because the truth is that you don’t always know if someone is going to invest or not.

I’ve seen this scenario play out thousands of times: Someone fills out a form and what seemingly looks like a weak opportunity to close a sale ends up closing. This actually happens way more often than an opportunity that, early on, looks like a positive opportunity.

The spiritual principle for sales success is not to judge, but focus on what you can do. Find a problem for a client, and offer your solution. You can ask for someone’s business over and over again when you know that you can really help them.

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2. Know that there’s a sale made on every sales call.

At the end of every single sales opportunity, a close always happens. Either you close your client on taking the step they can take to invest in themselves to fix their problem OR the client closes you.

The client will try to close you on WHY they can’t invest, but the rule here is to never hang up the phone or walk away from an opportunity, thinking, “Wow, that person really couldn’t do anything,” because that’s simply not true.

Thomas Edison said, “Whenever you think you’ve done everything you can do, remember this, you haven’t.” So, when you talk to people about pursuing something that they would love and you know you can really help them, remember there’s always a step they can take.

That said, just because you don’t close a deal doesn’t mean that you aren’t closing that person on an idea. Think about the billions of transactions that go on every day in which two people talk about the investment to fix a problem. The overall closing percentage is between 10-20% globally.

What this means is that if you talk to ten potential clients about working with you, you will close at least 10%. On a more successful day, you may close closer to 20%. For example, let’s say you close two out of ten people. This means that eight people don’t invest.

If you find that you’re selling as best you can but you’re not closing, then try adding scarcity and urgency to your conversations.

For example, you can say, “I’m very fortunate in my business; I’m busy. I have a lot of people that want to work with me. I’m good at what I do – I love helping my clients and I can help you, too. The question isn’t: ‘Are all these spaces going to fill up in this program that we’re talking about or in the service I’m offering you?’ The question is: ‘Are you going to be one of those spots?’ You can say no or you can say yes but, I don’t buy it if you say, ‘I want this but I can’t.’ Let me help you take the step that you can take, and if you’re not going to today, that’s okay. I have another appointment here in a bit.”

When you use scarcity and urgency, make sure that you don’t let the client walk away from the conversation thinking they didn’t have a choice of whether or not to take the step of investing. Remind them that they always have the choice to invest in themselves but whether they make the choice today or not is up to them.

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3. Show enthusiasm.

When you’re massively and honestly enthusiastic about your life and what you do, and when you’re able to express this feeling during sales calls, you’re going to start seeing more sales success.

Enthusiasm is contagious and most often the precursor for action. If you have the greatest opportunity in the world but you mumble or talk really softly, you’ll put people to sleep. People who are enthusiastic automatically generate enthusiasm in the people that they’re talking to.

The basic Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so do what you can to get into your most enthusiastic state. This doesn’t mean to mimic somebody else, or drum up a false, empty cheerleader attitude that feels fake.

One great way to conjure up authentic enthusiasm is to think about a time when you were extremely enthusiastic about something in your life and when you talked to someone else about it. Maybe it was a movie you saw, a vacation you took or even a restaurant you went to. What you’re going for is to feel so totally thrilled about something that you can’t wait to share it with those you care about.

You see, people make buying decisions based on their emotions, not based on facts. They invest in fixing their problems. People take a chance from the theater of the heart, not from the computer of the brain.

Sales is about helping your clients become emotional about what they want and about the problems that you can help them fix. The catch-all is enthusiasm. Just remember: Enthusiasm works when it’s authentic, so think about what makes you feel inspired and you’ll close deals more often!

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Let’s recap the top 3 keys for sales success…

Number one 
Don’t judge any opportunity. You don’t know who’s going to invest and who’s not. You simply focus on what you can do, which is to find a problem, fix the problem, do your best work, and ask for the deal over and over again when you know you can help somebody.

It’s not your job to figure out if they can do it or how. Your job is to help them take the step they can take that you know is going to fix their problem.

Number two
Know that there’s a sale made on every call. Either you’re getting closed or you’re doing the closing, so don’t get closed by your prospect’s stories. People tell stories to themselves throughout their entire lives, and they become very good at it! You want to be the one closing them on the idea that there’s always a step they can take if it’s something that they would love. They might not take a step with you that day, but there IS a step they can take.

Number three
Show enthusiasm. Authentic enthusiasm is contagious. By speaking enthusiastically to your clients, you’ll evoke so much confidence that you will boost their own confidence, and that’s when they invest.

One last thing…

If these three keys to sales success stirred up anything inside you that made you say, “Yes! I want to know more – I would love to learn more about sales techniques and coaching strategies,” then click here to set up a free Strategy Session with a member of our team … where you’ll receive The Coaching Success Blueprint: 7 Steps for Creating Impact, Income & Independence that reveals insider secrets and best practices for growing a profitable life coaching business. Members of the Life Mastery Institute™️ team have been personally trained by Mary Morrissey to support people like you who may be contemplating a career move, a pivot in your business, or are finally responding to the part of you that you know is being called to be a transformational life coach and change agent.

Their whole purpose is to support people like you who may be contemplating a career move, a pivot in your business, or are finally responding to the part of you that you know is being called to be a transformational life coach and change agent.

Being a life coach is an amazing profession that can allow you to make a big difference in the world. However, it DOES require patience – not only do you need to know how to support and serve your clients, you must also know how to market your business, enroll clients and SO much more.

At Life Mastery Institute, we’ve certified over 3,000 transformational coaches – coaches who, through our program, have developed all the skills listed above and who experience true fulfillment on a day-to-day basis.


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