You Were Given a Dream for a Reason – The Question Is, Are You Willing to Claim It?

Has anyone ever told you that you didn’t have what it would take to make your dream come true? Did you ever get the message that you just weren’t good enough – and that you probably never would be?

These messages often come from parents, teachers, coaches or other authority figures who mean well, but have no idea they’re stomping all over your heart!

Seizing Your Dream By Overcoming Resistance, Fear and Doubt

One of the first steps to achieving your dreams is to learn how to overcome external resistance.

In other words, you must truly believe that what you want is possible and be willing to ignore anyone who tells you otherwise as you move forward to seize your dream.

My youngest son, Mat Boggs, is the Co-Founder and Director of Life Mastery Institute, as well as the Master of Energy at DreamBuilder LIVE, an immersive, three-day event during which we reveal a proven, reliable and repeatable formula to creating a life you love living, faster and more easily than you ever imagined possible.

This event is based on my 40 years of dedicated study and 30 years of application to the lives of tens of thousands of people. We’ve taught hundreds of our students at Life Mastery Institute how to speak on stages just like this one to spread powerful messages of transformation.

In this video, from the DreamBuilder LIVE stage in Los Angeles, Mat shares his infamous “Kamikaze” story about becoming a college football player at the University of San Diego, despite the fact that he was told it wasn’t possible.

This is one of Mat’s signature talks that he’s perfected especially for this event.

Your dream was given to you for a reason. The question is, are you willing to claim it?

Say YES 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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16 Responses to Seizing Your Dream: Mat Boggs Keynote at DreamBuilder LIVE

  1. Jelly Twaambo says:

    I need money I’m 40 years ready for work

  2. Gloria Pray says:

    Yes I am Claiming itnow. In the Name Of JESUS

  3. Geoffrey Nkhoma says:

    Yes I am

  4. Abdisalan says:

    My name is Abdisalan Duale I am Somali boy am from south Sudan my age 23 my country is not peace

  5. Maria Pilkins says:


  6. Rod says:

    This was a very eye opening video and it gave me more patien to fight for my dream

  7. I am ready and willing to claim my dream!!!

  8. Stephen Aregbesola. says:

    Honestly the presentation is very fantastic and enhance very nice commendation.
    I am thinking of the next step on a certain matter, thank God for the seminar it really helped.
    Madam, Ireally thank God for your life and family and I pray that God shall Bless you abundantly spiritually, morally and crown all your efforts with everlasting happiness Amen.

  9. Doris Nelson says:

    Yes I regret everyday that I did not make it to LA

  10. Loneicia P. Fowler says:

    Thank you

  11. Asim bhattacgarjee says:

    Awesome I am not a giver from my childhood but but everything life needs to participate in this world I have but though I am positive in my life I face financial uncertainity still now so I am only belief and ask for money only

    Thanks mam this is my short story of my life do something for money freedom and success my dreams. thanks

    Thanking you

  12. Patricia says:

    I was excited after reading the promotional information on the Dream Builder Live event that will take place in Arlington, VA. I would love and want to attend. I however do not have the $797.00 in cash flow at this time. Do you have scholarships for individuals who do not have the funds? Iam requesting the fellowship if it is available. Thanks

  13. RITA says:

    Daily; im told i can get helped.
    Ive asked so many times this yr.
    And all 2018′ for a safe home”
    A job i want, great money to be able to pay bills owed now n past due. I Want To Win! Please Bring It my way…

  14. Kim Beaupre says:

    I would love to attend a live seminar either in Denver or Chicago … both my residence!
    I am intrigued interested and in really want to learn MORE!!!
    This is my first time to read about your life coaching and YouTube’s
    Thank you

  15. Kim Beaupre says:

    I would love to attend a live seminar either in Denver or Chicago … both my residence!
    I am intrigued interested and in really want to learn MORE!!!

  16. Surendra says:

    I need money ready to hard worker age 50 years

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