Sometimes, one of the hardest parts of marketing your Life Coaching services is the fact that what you’re teaching applies to everyone. You’d think that would make it easier to get clients, but it can also work against you and leave you struggling to attract leads.

nicheaudienceYour business coach will tell you to choose a specific target audience on whom to focus your marketing efforts. Your marketing mentor or copywriter will say the same. And unless you’re very clear on whom you were put on this Earth to serve, that advice will probably frustrate you.

So, if your teachings apply to everyone, why exclude anyone?

Choosing a specific type of person to market to and coach can feel wrong. Why drive away people who could benefit from working with you, and why deprive yourself of the additional income?

To answer that, I’m going to clear up a few of the myths that prevent Life Coaches from attracting clients.

Myth #1: Your ‘ideal client’ is the only one who will buy from you

As it turns out, even if you design your marketing to appeal to one specific type of person, that won’t necessarily prevent other kinds of people from being drawn to you. If done correctly, however, it WILL drive away people who wouldn’t have been a good fit to begin with – which means you’ll waste less time on people who either never intended to invest, or who would be frustrating to work with even if they enrolled with you.

Myth #2: You can write marketing materials to appeal to everyone, and it will still be effective

Even if every person in the world needs what you teach, they don’t necessarily need it for the same reasons. Some people want to improve themselves so they can create a better career, some people want to attract their soul-mate, and others may be trying to discover their purpose in life.

The more your marketing focuses on the specific problems and benefits that are the most important to your clients, the better your results will be.

Myth #3: If you hire a good copywriter, it won’t matter if you don’t have a niche

While it is possible for a copywriter to create materials for you without knowing who your target market is, those materials won’t be nearly as effective as they would be if the writer knew who they were talking to.

The feedback I’ve gotten from my copywriters confirms this: the more clear you are on who your niche is, the easier the writing is, and the faster they can get things done!

Myth #4: Your ideal client is the only one you can write to

I, too, am in a position where there are many different people I could be serving. While my focus is on Life Coaches like you, some of my programs are tailored to help people who aren’t coaches yet, and may not ever become coaches.

To reach them, I use separate marketing campaigns. I still speak to only one type of client at a time, but by using a different set of promotional materials for each group, I can talk to many demographics without losing any of my effectiveness.

But what if you have no idea which niche you want to focus on?

If choosing a niche is difficult for you, or you’re not sure how to attract your ideal client even if you are able to identify them, my team and I can help you with that. I not only certify Life Coaches to use a powerful, proven system that earns their clients’ trust and gets them great results, but I can also show you how to promote your services and turn your coaching career into a lucrative and impactful business.

If you’re tired of struggling with the business and marketing side of your coaching practice, and you’re ready to serve more people, earn more money, and create the impact and lifestyle you deserve, please take a moment to fill out the form on the right and get in touch with my team. Setting up a time to talk takes less than a minute, and it could save you years of struggle, guesswork and limited results.

I can’t wait to hear from you. The life and coaching business of your dreams is waiting for you – please act on that dream right now.

Here’s to Your Success,


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