Sometimes, for a life coach, choosing a niche can be difficult.

The principles of success that you teach are applicable to everyone. And if your goal is to teach people that they can be successful no matter where they’re starting from, why should you leave anyone out when you’re promoting your services?

Dispelling a popular life coach myth

When people think about choosing a target audience, they often fear that once they do, that’s the only group of people they’ll ever serve.

If they decide that their ideal client is a 40-year-old woman with a husband and two kids, they’ll never see another man, single person, or individual who isn’t in their 40s in their practice again.

Is that fear justified?

It’s true that once you choose a target audience and tailor your marketing to them, they’ll almost certainly be the majority of your clients.

But that doesn’t mean other people who need you for the same reasons as your ideal clients, won’t also find and buy from you.

A marketing coach whose focus is female entrepreneurs, but who still attracts some men, and a dating coach who specializes in 6-figure women, but who also gets some clients below that income range, are a few of the examples I’m aware of.

So if you’re going to attract other groups as well, why include age, gender and income level in your niche description?

Because even if these criteria don’t affect whether or not you can help a person, they DO affect that person’s reasons for working with you.

Many life coaches make the mistake of trying to convince people to enroll for the reasons that matter to the coach. But people choose to purchase or not, based on their own reasons, not yours. For marketing insights from some of the best in the industry, here’s a rundown of popular personal development blogs to follow for marketing advice.

Here are some life coaching niche examples


A person in their twenties might need your help to discover their purpose and get their adult life started on the right track, while a 40-something may be trying to leave a boring job and create a career they enjoy, and a senior might be looking to achieve the dreams and goals that they didn’t know how to when they were younger.

These people all need you, but when you talk about the problems they face and the benefits you can create for them in your marketing, you’ll get much better results if you tailor your words to them.


Whether your target audience is male or female will affect the language you use in your promotions, and whether you write in a more masculine or feminine voice.

Men and women may also choose to work with you for slightly different reasons, and these reasons need to be reflected in your marketing.


Your client’s income level will affect whether you portray your product as a high-end, premium service for people who want and can pay for only the very best, or as a low-priced balance between value and affordability.

People of different income levels will, once again, need your help with different challenges, and the more precisely you can describe these challenges in your marketing, the more your clients will see that you understand them and you know how to help.

What if you aren’t sure which niche to target?

If you need help in determining who you want to focus on in your business, what to say to them to inspire them to enroll, and how to get these potential clients to read your marketing materials … we invite you to schedule a FREE Strategy Session with one of our team members who has been personally trained by Mary Morrissey to support people who are called to be transformational life coaches and change agents.

Together, you’ll explore the challenges you’re facing in discovering and connecting with your target market, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to help you overcome those obstacles.

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