I’m so happy that you’ve been drawn to this page! Being a Life Coach is one of the most impactful and fulfilling professions the world has to offer, and it gives you a great opportunity to create the wealth, lifestyle and change you desire, while helping others do the same.

But, like anyone who considers a new business or career, you have to know if it’s a good fit.

Here are a few important considerations to assist you in determining whether becoming a Life Coach is the right next step for you.

Are you passionate about helping people create a life they’ve dreamed of?

Do comments like these irritate you?

  • “Accept what life gives you.”
  • “Live within your means.”
  • “You can’t always have what you want.”

As a Life Coach, you must be dedicated to helping people break free of limiting beliefs and have a desire to guide them to create a life they truly desire, even if it seems impossible in their current situation.

You must intensely desire to help people reach their fullest potential, whatever that looks like for them. And you must be dedicated to helping them make it a reality, and believe that that is possible. Which brings us to…

Do you believe that people can shape their own destinies?

You must believe in your clients’ abilities more than they do. There will be times when they think their obstacles are insurmountable, and you must be prepared to help them see past their limitations to the possibilities beyond.

You must have faith in your ability to build and run a business, to help other people create their dream life and to shape your reality in whatever way you choose. You won’t have to do it alone, but you must believe firmly that it can be done.

Do you understand, or are you willing to learn about, the principles of success?

Being a Life Coach isn’t just about inspiring people. Passion and belief alone won’t get your clients where they want to go. Are you open to learning how to help them take action that will move them toward the life they want to build?

Do you understand how to help your clients create a clear, tangible vision for their future, and how to identify and help them move past the obstacles that stand in their way?

If you don’t know how to do this yet, don’t despair, and don’t give up on your dream of becoming a Life Coach.

Get the help you need to get started. It’s is easier than you think.

If you believe in peoples’ abilities to shape their own destinies and you long to help others and yourself do exactly that, I want to help you.

I’ve built my own Life Coaching business from the ground up. I understand how to guide my clients to determine where they want to go, what’s holding them back, how to surmount the obstacles that would otherwise stop them in their tracks, and what action steps to take next so they can make their dreams a reality.

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