Mary Morrissey answers the following questions: What is a Life Coach? What does a Life Coach actually do?

Life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries today. You may be wondering, “What is a life coach and what exactly does a life coach do? How is a life coach different from a psychotherapist or psychiatrist?”

The most important possession you have in your life is time.

Every one of us, even if we live 100 years, has a relatively short amount of time to either live an ordinary or an extraordinary life. People seek out life coaches because part of them wants to grow or because they haven’t achieved the results they’ve wanted.

If you go see a psychotherapist, he or she will review your life with you to look for the trends and patterns that have led you to where you are today.

A psychiatrist may even prescribe medication for mental health, if necessary. There’s nothing wrong with seeing a psychotherapist or psychiatrist in terms of gaining a greater understanding of your life’s patterns or improving your mental health.

What life coaches do is something entirely different.

Life coaches help you design a life you would really love living. They ask an entirely different set of questions than a therapist would. Instead of asking how long you’ve been stuck, what got you stuck and where that pattern started, they ask that you imagine what you would love.

What would you love in the area of health, vocation, life purpose or relationships? They then help you design a blueprint for the kind of life you’d love living. This is a very different approach than evaluating what the problems are in your life or how they originated.

A great life coach will help to make small, successive and highly effective steps in the direction of becoming the person who is living a life they love.

What kind of person makes a great life coach? It’s a person who fundamentally believes that the power within us is greater than any circumstance or any condition we are currently facing, no matter how long that circumstance has been there and how difficult it’s been.

Each person can lean into the life they love living.

A great life coach understands this, and knows what kind of system most effectively moves a person from the life they’re living now to the results they want to have.

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Life coaches are making a big difference in our world right now, and that big difference can also be made by you!

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