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Spiritual Life Coaching for Greater Peace and Clarity

Does your life feel chaotic and out of control? Is this causing you worry and stress that is physically affecting you? Do you wish you could bring more clarity and peace into your life?

Many of us believe that clarity and peace require hours of silent meditation in total isolation—but the reality is, we can foster clarity and peace in our lives daily, no yoga mat required.

The truth is, no matter who we are—whether we are spiritual life coaches, aspiring spiritual life coaches, or individuals simply looking for greater wellbeing and life balance—we can all benefit from practicing self care.

Right now, let’s look at three simple things we can start doing today that take very little time, and that can immediately begin to bring us an increased feeling of peace and clarity.

#1 Engage in Positive Self-Talk

The first thing we can do to bring more clarity and peace into our lives is to engage in positive self-talk. Here is what I mean: Have you ever made a mistake and then immediately began beating yourself up, calling yourself all sorts of names and belittling yourself?

We’ve all done it without realizing how powerful our words truly are—especially the ones we say to ourselves. Would you belittle your best friend, child, or someone you love dearly? Of course not, but somehow we have accepted treating ourselves poorly.

So, we need to re-pattern how we speak to ourselves.

And this will involve some practice and repetition, because our patterns for how we talk to ourselves run very deep.

You can use the Brave Thinking® Tool of “Noticing What You are Noticing” to catch yourself when you are not speaking kindly to yourself, or when you are beating yourself up about something. You see, once you notice your inner dialogue, you can change the direction and energy of your thoughts—you can speak to yourself instead from a place of compassion.

Loving yourself is the first key to being loving and compassionate to others, so it always starts with you. Speak kindly to yourself.

#2 Set an Intention For Your Day

The next thing we can do to bring peace and clarity into our lives is to set an intention for the day. Who do you want to be today? When you wake up in the morning, YOU get to decide who you are going to be today. As a person who is living from their vision, you get to be the person loving the life you’re living.

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What would this person do? Who would this person spend time with? How would this person act and interact with others?

Each morning, you can write down your intention for the day and the goals you plan to achieve. This will help bring focus to your thoughts and actions throughout the day. Your intention can be involve adopting a general mindset, or accomplishing a very specific task.

For example, “Today I am going to practice excellent self care.”

Or, “Today I am going to get ahead on work so I can enjoy my weekend.”

Or even, “Today I will approach all of my interactions today with deep empathy.”

Setting an intention is a powerful practice that can help you live a life you truly love living.

#3 Practice Gratitude

The third thing we can do every day to feel greater peace and clarity is to be grateful. This seems easy, but can be very elusive for many of us when we focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. It is completely okay to be grateful for what you have, and still have a desire to expand and have more! But the key is to be grateful for what you already have.

A simple way to regularly practice gratitude is to journal each night before you go to sleep, writing down 3-5 things that you are grateful for that day. If you can write down more, even better.

For example, “I am grateful for my family and friends.”

Or, “I am grateful for my challenging and rewarding job.”

Or, “I am grateful for the ability to turn setbacks into learning opportunities.”

This practice takes less than ten minutes, but the benefits will go beyond what you could possibly imagine. And Imagine going to sleep with the last thoughts in your head being ones of gratitude—that could generate some pretty phenomenal dreams!

Gratitude is on the frequency of abundance—and when you are vibrating at the frequency of abundance you will attract more abundance into your life.

Being grateful actually rewires your brain. You will begin to focus on more positive things instead of things that cause worry and unrest, which are the result of living at the frequency of scarcity and lack.

Help Others Attain Peace and Clarity Through Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching can make peace and clarity much less elusive. It takes practice and repetition, but with a little effort you will see exponential results. Even if you just add one of these practices to your life each daily and introduce the next two gradually, you will see results.

So, say something kind to yourself, write down something you are grateful for, and decide who you want to be today. You will become the best version of yourself in the process.

Would you like to bring greater peace and clarity into others’ lives?

Perhaps you have reaped the benefits of these and similar mindfulness practices and would like to share them with others through spiritual life coaching.

If so, check out my new FREE e-book, Are You Meant To Be a Life Coach: How to Tell if Heart-Centered Life Coaching is Your Dream Career.

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Learn how you could help bring peace and clarity to hundreds, even thousands of people! Happy reading!

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