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What Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey Can Teach Us About How to Support Your Clients in Transforming Their Dreams Into Reality

Over the course of 2018 we’ll be studying the various stages of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey as a means of learning how to better serve our clients on their own transformational life paths.

Last month, we looked at the first stage of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey to explore the best ways of supporting your clients when they’re initially called to a new path or dream. In other words, how to help your clients answer their unique call to action to commence transforming their lives in some significant way!

This month, let’s take a look at the second step of the hero’s journey – opening up to supernatural aid ‒ in order to best serve our clients as they rise to the opportunity of pursuing their dreams.

What happens during the “supernatural aid” stage in the hero’s journey?

The hero’s journey entails an individual rising to a calling, undergoing a series of challenges as they pursue a goal, and experiencing extraordinary life transformations. This journey involves building discipline, persevering and seeing goals through to attain an ultimate dream.

In this supernatural aid stage of the journey, once the hero has accepted their call to action and has begun their journey, a supernatural figure presents itself to the hero. This figure offers some form of guidance, protection and support as the hero rises to their destiny.

The purpose of this supernatural force is to urge the hero onward, reassuring them that their pursuit is fated and worthy, and offering courage and faith in the face of any fear or hesitation.

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So how can you relate the importance of supernatural aid to your clients’ personal journeys?

Once a client has made the decision and fully committed to answering the call of a particular dream they have for their life – perhaps embarking on an entirely new career, traveling the world, starting a new business, or any number of other exciting but mysterious endeavors – they will need to test their dream to make sure it was worthy of pursuing.

Once a client has identified what their dream is, there are 5 questions you can encourage them to ask themselves to test whether this dream is truly worthy of their time and energy:

  1. Does the dream give you life?
  2. Does it align with your core values?
  3. Does it require you to grow?
  4. Does it require help from a higher power?
  5. Is there good in it for others?

These are all necessary questions to ask when first deciding to pursue a dream…

But you’ll notice that question #4 suggests that a true dream requires the assistance of a higher power.

This is because when we face the magnitude of a real dream, we don’t fully know how to attain it without the aid of something bigger than us!

We may know some of the steps we have to take, but we know that to truly achieve a worthy dream, we need to call upon a power greater than us.

How to encourage your clients to open their hearts and minds to supernatural aid

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter what your clients’ specific belief systems are. It doesn’t matter what religion they may or may not practice, or how they conceptualize God or the universe.

Your clients can open themselves up to supernatural aid at any point in their journey of transformation, no matter what! Here’s how…

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Help clients embrace the power within them

First, you can assist your clients in opening up to supernatural aid by stressing to them that there is a power within them far greater than any circumstance, situation or condition – the very power breathing them life at this exact moment. A power in them greater than their bodies and minds.

You see, we’re all infinite, spiritual beings having a physical human existence. Think about it – if we lose a limb, do we lose ourselves? No! This is because the part of us that is still present is comprised of spirit – it exists in the Infinite and is indestructible.

So when your clients embrace that the power inside themselves is of the Infinite, that it transcends all physical conditions, they can call upon that power within themselves to accomplish anything.

And this power is so strong, so benevolent and indestructible, that tapping into it is indeed tapping into supernatural aid.

Help clients develop their intuition

Second, once your clients recognize themselves as spiritual beings, help them develop and hone their intuition.

Intuition is one of our six mental faculties – imagination, intuition, will, memory, reason and perception – and when tapped into, our intuition is a powerful guiding force within us.

Intuition is our internal, non-linear intelligence system. It gives us the ability to know things in ways that our logical, rational minds could never know, and it works with information we do not consciously have. Many people refer to it as a “sixth sense” or “gut instinct.”

Since we recognize ourselves as spiritual beings comprised of the Infinite, then we acknowledge our intuition as the Universe speaking to us.

And in order to hear receive messages from the Universe, I encourage clients to tune into their “still, small voice within.”

The “still, small voice within” is the Infinite speaking to us from within. And it always steers us in the right direction if we take the time to listen to and honor it.

This is the little (but powerful!) voice deep down that keeps us out of danger by urging us out certain situations. It’s also the voice that urges us onward when we’re on the right path but our conscious minds put up a fight with thoughts of fear and doubt.

So support your clients in listening to their still, small voice within. You can encourage them to journal when they feel their intuition is speaking to them, and to share with you times when this inner voice seems to be dampened out by external factors or naysaying voices.

No matter what, if they make a practice of tuning into this voice within, they’ll receive all the necessary direction and motivation from the Universe for achieving their greatest dreams.

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There is a divine plan in play at all times

Part of receiving supernatural aid when on a new path or journey, or when pursuing a new dream, means embracing a divine plan that is bigger than what we can currently see or understand at a given moment in time.

While your clients absolutely have the choice and ability to shape their lives as they wish, encourage them in knowing that there are no coincidences or accidents – they are on a particular path, just like they are working with you, for a reason.

Impress on your clients that if they are always making good choices in service of being their best selves, that the Universe will look out for and guide them as they take new paths and pursue their dreams.

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