A little while ago, I heard a true story about two young women who were out shopping together.

I wanted to share it with you, because it contains a great lesson about what to and not to do when talking to potential clients.

What a life coach should avoid when talking to potential clients

What NOT to do

At one point, while the young ladies were walking through the mall, they came across a stand where a woman was selling Tupperware containers.

The pair paused to look at the containers, and the saleswoman saw her chance – she immediately started bombarding them with all the reasons why they ought to buy her products.

The containers were a high-grade plastic, they wouldn’t leak chemicals, they wouldn’t break… she threw selling point after selling point at these two potential customers, hoping that if she gave them enough reasons, they’d be compelled to buy.

In short order, the shyer girl became overwhelmed by the flood of words and left, taking her friend with her.

Neither of them purchased anything.

What she should have done instead

A few minutes later, the women stopped to look at a stand full of tablets.

The more quiet of the two – the one who had fled the Tupperware saleswoman – had some questions about the iPad, so her friend waved a salesman over.

When he discovered that one of the girls was interested in the tablets, he could have repeated the first salesperson’s mistake, and started pestering his potential clients with the virtues of his products.

Instead, he asked what they needed to know, and patiently and helpfully answered their questions.

He also noted that he had a tablet himself, and he told them about some of the ways in which it had improved his life.

But while he did spend some time explaining the virtues of his product, he kept the focus of the conversation on the client and her questions and needs, and he only talked about the product when doing so fit naturally into the dialogue.

The girls didn’t purchase anything right then, but when the one who was interested in a tablet is ready to buy, she will probably return to the place where she had a good experience with a salesman who was genuinely interested in her needs.

The Tupperware saleswoman, on the other hand, will likely never see or hear from her again.

How you can use this to enroll clients

When you’re enthusiastic about your coaching, and you know it can change the world, it’s easy to slip into the trap of bombarding your potential clients with your service’s many selling points. After all, if they have so many good reasons to buy, how can they not?

The trouble is, their reasons won’t necessarily be the same as yours. And their reasons are the ones that will convince them to buy.

So take the time to listen to them. Find out what they truly want, and what problems they have that are holding them back from fulfilling those desires.

Learn about their fears, their hopes, and what has and hasn’t worked for them in the past. Discover what they would want to gain from working with you.

When you do this, your clients can see that you care more about them than you do about your own agenda, which helps them trust you enough to invest in you.

And the more you know what they want, the better equipped you are to tell them how you can help them get it, in terms that are meaningful to them.

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Of course, this is only one piece of the puzzle.

If you use this method in your sales conversations, your enrollment rate will go up tremendously. But in order to have sales conversations, you have to attract potential clients to have them with.

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