Nobody likes to risk failing, especially not when their reputation, their relationship with their clients, and their livelihood are at stake.

If you’re afraid to become a coach because you don’t want to risk being unable to deliver on your promises, here are three ways you can alleviate that fear.

1. Accept that you don’t have all the answers.

It’s a fact of life that every coach in every field has times when they don’t know what to say or do. This isn’t a unique failing on your part; it’s simply part of being human.

The best pitchers walk batters, and the best batters strike out. Relationships fall apart despite a counselor’s greatest efforts, and no parent gets through their children’s childhood without instilling some damaging beliefs. We all make mistakes, and nobody gets things perfect every time.

When you do have a situation like this, it’s better to just be honest. Don’t pretend that you have the right answer when you don’t. If you’re stuck, admit it – and be sure to read to the end of this blog post, so you can learn how to get unstuck.

2. Remember that not everyone is coachable, and some people just won’t be the right fit.

Not every instance in which you are unable to coach someone will be your fault. Some people simply aren’t willing to do what it takes to create real change in their lives, and sometimes, clients will come into your life, but would have been a better fit for someone else’s teaching style.

When you encounter a person who won’t allow you to help them create the life they desire, sometimes it’s best to just graciously let them go. Refer them to someone else, refund their money if you must, and don’t allow their limitations govern your work or how you feel about yourself.

3. Get advice and support from coaches who have decades of experience.

Sometimes, a person is coachable and they want to stay with you, but you need a different perspective in order to help them move forward. Sometimes you’re stuck… and so are they.

This is when it’s important to have mentors and a support group; people who can share their own experiences and viewpoints to cover your blind spots.

This is a big part of the reason I created the Life Mastery Institute. I wanted Life Coaches to have a place where they could learn to coach their clients effectively, while also getting support when they felt stuck.

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