Here Are the Top 3 Qualities That Make an Extraordinary Executive Coach That Can Make a Positive Impact for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Have you ever wondered, “What is an executive coach?”

Executive coaching, also known as “business coaching,” is the art and science of helping an entrepreneur or high-level business leader take their company and their team to the next level of success.

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Whether you’re coaching an individual who is getting their first small business off the ground, or coaching the CEO of a huge, established company, executive coaching is an invaluable service for your client.

After investing the last 40 years mentoring individuals, groups and businesses – including many Fortune 500 executives – in the art and science of transformation, I have found that many entrepreneurs, even already highly successful ones, desire and benefit from executive coaching!

I can also tell you that executive coaching is one of the most powerful ways to make a profound, positive difference in the world, and that almost anyone can be a highly successful executive coach with just a few of the right tools.

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So why choose to offer executive-level coaching in your coaching business?

When you reflect on the type of life coaching you’ve done so far, or the type of coaching you’d love to do, what does it look like?

What types of individuals are you serving and what kinds of results are you helping them achieve?

You get to decide exactly what type of coaching services you provide, and whether you want to focus on a particular niche of coaching.

For instance, perhaps you’re most interested in helping others achieve their goals in the areas of health and wellness…

Or maybe you have a knack for helping clients find and nurture better, more fulfilling relationships!

Or perhaps you do already work with clients who are building incredible businesses or careers, and want to take their results to the next level.


The truth is that all life coaching centers around helping others transform their lives to achieve desired results…

So if you’re an excellent life coach, you’ve already laid the groundwork to be an executive coach, even if you haven’t done this particular type of coaching before.

Executive coaching is an amazing way to make a large-scale impact in the world, because many entrepreneurs and business leaders play a major role in shaping our culture at large.

Think about it: If you’re coaching an entrepreneur or business leader, you’re also making a difference in the lives of all the other people that entrepreneur employees and manages, and the customers they do business with.

So when you provide executive coaching, you’re providing a service to not just one individual, you’re helping transform many, many lives. That’s an incredibly large reach!


Even if you’ve never considered offering executive coaching up to this point, know that if you feel called to change the world for the better, executive coaching is a good way to do so.

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Here are 5 ways you can help entrepreneurs and business leaders as an executive coach…

Are entrepreneurs and business leaders looking for someone to help them create a business plan, become better at marketing or increase sales?

Possibly, and if you do have a background in business, or have already built a thriving life coaching business yourself, you may be able to advise them on the actual logistics of growing a business.

But executive coaching runs deeper than that!

Here are several ways that you can serve your clients as an executive coach:

EXECUTIVE COACHING BENEFIT #1: Help to increase employee morale and retention

The most successful businesses have low employee turnover rate, which happens when employees feel highly satisfied, cared about, stimulated and valued.

As a life coach with Life Mastery Institute™, you’re trained and certified in how to coach your clients through the DreamBuilder® Program, which will help your client articulate what they’d most like to be, do, have and give in this world.

While immersed in this work, you encourage clients to ask themselves, “What would I love?”


This is a question that can easily be applied in the workplace by both entrepreneurs, business leaders and employees alike to support better communication, and therefore overall morale… which ultimately yields better business results!

EXECUTIVE COACHING BENEFIT #2: Support your clients in their growth and expansion

All successful businesses must grow and change as the world grows and changes in order to keep up and remain profitable.

As a life coach, you have the gift of helping people transform any area of their life through using intuition, making good decisions and taking consistent action.

The same values and principles can be applied to executive coaching to help encourage entrepreneurs and business leaders to adapt when necessary.

EXECUTIVE COACHING BENEFIT #3: Help your clients solve problems more effectively

Entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time troubleshooting problems and challenges that arise in their businesses, and as a life coach you know that absolutely all problems are solved by first shifting one’s perspective.


This is because no problem can be solved at the frequency that the problem exists on, only at the frequency of the solution, which requires an open, expansive and flexible mindset.

So your ability to help clients repattern their thoughts and patterns is invaluable for executive coaching!

EXECUTIVE COACHING BENEFIT #4: Provide accountability and support

It can be lonely at the top for many entrepreneurs and business leaders, which is why simply having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of is ideal.

Likewise, the best entrepreneurs and business leaders are the ones that stay motivated, even in the face of setbacks. And as you know, life coaches make outstanding accountability partners!


Most entrepreneurs and business leaders know what needs to be done to keep a business moving forward, but like all of us, they can benefit from having someone help them actually take action on the necessary steps to success.

EXECUTIVE COACHING BENEFIT #5: Support your clients in being ethical change agents

One of the central values behind coaching at Life Mastery Institute is helping clients evaluate their own dreams for the good in them. What good is there for other people and the world at large?

The same principle can be applied to executive coaching to help entrepreneurs and business leaders conduct businesses ethically and in service of the greater good.

Helping an entrepreneur assess their motivations, goals, and outcomes in relation to making the world a better place in a powerful way to help shape the world for better though executive coaching.

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So what qualities does an outstanding executive coach bring to the table?

As mentioned before, you don’t have to have a background in business to be a first-rate executive coach, but you do need a few attributes and tools in order to amplify both an entrepreneur’s success and your own.

Here are the top three qualities an outstanding executive coach possesses:

what is executive coaching care

EXECUTIVE COACH QUALITY #1: They genuinely care about people

While executive coaches are often employed to help businesses become more profitable, an excellent and effective executive coach demonstrates a sincere interest in their clients, and a strong desire to actually help them.

A great executive coach has also done the “good human homework” and knows how to transmit their own interest in business into a passion for helping others.

They hold themselves with a level of authority, knowing they have invaluable knowledge and tools they can share with clients to help them immeasurably.

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EXECUTIVE COACH QUALITY #2: They’re highly trained

Executive coaches are not just people who have and share their own entrepreneurial successes. Beyond that, executive coaches are trained and certified by master mentors, which provides them with the confidence to help their clients.

This training and mentorship also leads to a proven track record in making a profound difference in the lives of many, many people.

what is executive coaching system

EXECUTIVE COACH QUALITY #3: They believe in the power of systems

An excellent executive coach understands has a growth mindset, and knows that entrepreneurial success is the result of tried-and-true practices, patterns, logistical systems and specific paradigms or mindsets.

Furthermore, they have access to and can guide their clients through proven, reliable and repeatable systems of transformation in order to help their clients take their businesses to the next level.

Would you like more training on how to use your your own knowledge and skills in order to help others create thriving businesses?

If you’re interested in becoming an executive coach, and want to know what it takes to be successful, or if you’re already an executive coach but haven’t been as successful as you’d like and you’re wondering what you may be missing or not seeing… my Life Coaching Masterclass is for you!

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