Heart-Centered Life Coaching – in this article, I’m going to reveal what that is, as well as seven ways you can use it to create abundance, joy, and success for your clients and yourself.

While helping tens of thousands of people create the life of their dreams, I’ve discovered a type of coaching that unlocks a whole new level of potential and power in your clients, and creates tremendous success for you as a coach.

What is Heart-Centered Life Coaching?

At Life Mastery Institute, we teach heart-centered coaching, a methodology where the coach believes that everyone has infinite potential to be, do, give and have whatever they desire.

Heart-centered coaches know that their clients are connected to a power that’s greater than any circumstance or problem they are currently facing, no matter how big those problems seem, or how long they’ve existed

They also have a fundamental belief in the goodness of people, and they help their clients get in touch with that goodness, and work with it, to bring forth a life they love living.

Instead of telling the clients what they can do and be, who they are, and what they should do, heart-centered coaches help them to tap into the wisdom, greatness and infinite potential that is already inside them.

In a heart-based coaching session, the individual learns about themselves and what they want to be, do and give. They realize that they are more empowered than they’ve ever realized they were, and are liberated and set free to live a life they love living.

7 secrets to creating a successful, heart-centered coaching business

1. Have a purpose that inspires you to make the world better.

Some coaches get into the coaching business because they can make more money in this industry than they can in other businesses. For others, it’s the time-freedom that draws them.

But for a heart-centered coach, it’s because they believe that people deserve to have the life of their dreams, and that they’re capable of creating that life.

They love to help people realize their dreams. It’s why they get out of bed in the morning – they want to help people.

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2. Attract clients by knowing who your ideal client is.

When you have an “avatar client” in mind, it’s far easier to create a message that attracts that kind of client.

To spread your message in a way that draws clients to you, you need to know who you’d love to work with, what they’re like, what wakes them up at night, and what fears and dreams they have.

I know coaches who love working with seniors, some who help physicians build their ideal practices, and others still who help young athletes create a great career.

If you create a message that’s designed for everyone, it won’t truly resonate with anyone.

But when you specialize in helping one type of client, then you can get incredibly good at dealing with their unique situation, and you’ll be able to tailor your message to be a perfect fit for them, so you become irresistible to them.

3. Use a curriculum that’s in harmony with your core values.

If you’re using a coaching program that you’ve been trained in, and it’s out of alignment with your core values, you’ll always be uncomfortable using it. You won’t be able to coach with confidence, and your discomfort will spread to your clients.

Your actions will be out of sync with your heart and purpose, and when that happens, you’re destined to not be successful. So it’s important to choose or create a program that’s in harmony with your core beliefs and values.

4. You must have a proven system for coaching and business-building.

If you don’t have a proven, reliable, repeatable system for heart-based business building, you’ll do a lot of wandering, trying to find your way toward success.

But if you follow the lead of a mentor who’s gone ahead of you, created the kind of success you want to create, and designed system that you can easily follow, you’ll shave years off of your journey creating a thriving and impactful coaching business (do you think you deserve a thriving business: https://www.lifemasteryinstitute.com/blog/deserve-to-have-a-thriving-life-coaching-business/)

5. The fastest way to build a heart-based coaching business is to understand that selling is serving.

I’ve spoken to many coaches who told me, “I don’t like selling – I just want to coach clients.”

What they don’t realize is that when you help someone make a decision to invest in themselves by doing a coaching program with you, that conversation is your first coaching session.

The enrollment conversation is actually a coaching conversation. You are actually helping your potential client look at their life, see what’s going on and for how long they’ve been stuck, and what it’s costing them not to make the changes needed in order to create their ideal life.

Whether the client says yes or no, you’re coaching and serving them by helping them come to a decision.

6. Give complimentary strategy sessions.

One of the best ways to attract people into that enrollment conversation, especially if you’re a new coach looking to build authority as a life coach, is to give them a complimentary strategy session.

In this session, listen to their goals, dreams and problems for a short amount of time, then explain how they can enroll in a coaching program and move their life forward in a simple, easy and highly effective way.

7. Avoid the first mistake new coaches frequently make: charging by the hour.

Charging by the hour is the worst way for you to build a business. It’s also the worst way for your clients to keep working with you, because every time they have a session, they have to make a buying decision.

It’s far better if they can make one buying decision, and then work with you for three to six months (here’s how to explain prices: https://www.lifemasteryinstitute.com/blog/explaining-life-coach-prices/)

During these months, they know they have someone to support them, keep them out of ruts, guide them over rough spots, prevent them from drifting away from their goals, keep them on track toward their dream, and help them build their confidence and take the action required to build their dreams.

How to help more people as a heart-centered life coach

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that I have a 7-step system for enrolling the clients who need your help.

Because your success is important to me, I’m going to give you this system at no cost. All you have to do is click to get your FREE copy of my ebook, Are You Meant To Be a Life Coach?, and start using it right away to create the business of your dreams.

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