Do you know what one of the biggest differences is between people who achieve amazing success, and those who keep moving aimlessly and never reach their highest potential?

VisionOfYourFutureSuccessful coaches never lose sight of their core ‘why’. They have a vision for the future – for themselves, the people they serve, and the world as a whole – and this compelling, overarching goal guides every action they take.

But sometimes, keeping your eye on that goal seems incredibly difficult. “Dig down to the core of my motivation? I don’t have time to dig down to the bottom of my to-do list!”

“Envision myself ten years in the future? I don’t know what I’ll be doing next month!”

It can be so easy to just leave this vital part of your coaching business forever undone; you’ve got enough short-term projects to complete as it is, so why add one big goal to the pile when you’ve already got so many little ones?

The trouble is, without that overarching goal, you won’t know which of the smaller goals are worth pursuing. You’ll bounce from one short-term project to another, taking what work you can get and doing whatever activities seem productive, without really knowing which – if any – are bringing you closer to the life you truly want to live.

So, how do you determine your core ‘why’ and ultimate goal, without spending too much time on it?

Here’s a simple exercise that only takes about 15 minutes a day:

Step 1: Write down these 4 categories:

1. Finances

This is how much money you WANT to be making per month or year, not how much you think you can get!

2. Lifestyle and health

How many hours do you want to work per day, and how many days per week? What do you want to do with the rest of the day? What do you want your health to look like? What else would you like to be a part of your lifestyle?

3. Creativity

What do you want to contribute to the world? What kind of difference are you looking to make?

4. Relationships

What do you want your relationships with your friends, family, and business contacts to look like? Describe it in tangible terms, and also in terms of how it makes you feel.

Step 2: Write your vision for your future in each of these categories.

This picture you paint of your future doesn’t have to be perfect, and it SHOULDN’T be permanent. So don’t waste too much time trying to get it ‘right’.

Today, just start with writing down what feels right – just a paragraph or two in each area. Remember to write it in the present tense, as if it’s something that’s already happening, and only write in terms of what you want to happen, not what you want to leave behind.

Tomorrow, do the same thing. Make a habit of setting aside just 15 minutes for this each day. Now, this is important: don’t refer back to past exercises while doing this. Start anew each day.

After two weeks, look back to see what stayed the same, what changed, and where your vision expanded or got more clear. Maybe some of your first day’s desires didn’t stay at the top of your mind, while other priorities and dreams may have surfaced.

Over time, you will probably see some consistent themes in what stays important to you, and you may find yourself elaborating on these themes.

Congratulations! You’re starting to get in touch with your true desires – the things you want to work toward.

Of course, this is only the first step. This technique will reveal some elements of your core desires and get you started down the right path, but you want to combine those elements into a coherent, compelling vision that will propel your coaching practice to its full potential.

If you’d like some help with that next step, my team and I would be delighted to assist you. Just fill out the form on the right, and we’ll set up a time to help you determine your core goals, so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Here’s to Your Success,


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